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Location: Arad ( Romania)

Period: 01/04/2016 – 30/08/2016

Deadline: 31 March 2016

Meetings with languages” (MWL) project is a direct follow up to the successfully completed EVS, called “Meetings with History” during which coordinating team of Millennium Center (MC) discovered a need for learning foreign languages among Arad citizens, through especially organized local events called: “Meeting with languages”. Feedback collected from public during the event clearly indicated a need for learning foreign languages and the will to participate in a project focused on this topic. We want MWL to be that project. MWL is also a direct response by to a challenge of multilingualism among Erasmus plus priorities as EU sets the goal of every citizen having the chance to learn at least 2 languages from the very early stage of his/her life/education years.

Within MWL we set up 3 target groups from local neighborhood of Arad to teach them foreign languages, represented in MWL by EVS volunteers, at very basic level and according to their needs using nonformal
methods. Those target groups are: kids (0-18 years old), youth/adults (18- 50) and elderly (50+).
EVS volunteers will teach these target groups their own native languages. The target of teaching a total number of 60 persons will be achieved by EVS volunteers by a series of workshops. EVS volunteers will receive necessary competences to deliver workshops during a complex, one month long training, right after arriving to Romania. Training will be called “MWL preparatory training”. The structure of the MWL will be
based on so called “pass forward” scheme: first EVS volunteers gain a set of competences from nonformal
and informal methods range, and after they use them in organizing language workshops for public.
The ability of speaking English language is quite well covered in Arad area therefore MC’s ambition in MWL project is to address the challenge of learning other languages: Turkish, Italian, Spanish and German. MwL aims at those languages to facilitate the process of intercultural exchange and process of bilateral collaboration between Romania and countries participating in MWL project.

About learning dimension for EVS volunteers of MWL project, MC’s aims are giving better chances on the job market, as well as transfer the necessary competences to become conformal teacher of languages. Gaining competences by EVS volunteers in this area will have two dimensions:
1: EVS volunteers achieve competences to become conformal teachers of languages Dimension
2: selected target group members, through the process of multiplication of project’s result on the way of peer
education, receive approximately the same competences of nonformal
teachers of languages

MWL project focuses on conformal and informal methods of learning: special emphasis will be put on the EVS volunteers’ ability to recognize participants’ preferred learning styles. As for contacts between EVS volunteers and locals (target groups), MC will facilitate necessary space for intercultural interactions by organizing integration meetings with sharing cultures theme.

The objectives of MwL are:
• Organizing periodical language workshops for 60 local people in total within 5 months of stage duration
• Increasing the basic foreign language skills of local people during 5 months of stage duration
• Increasing the basic foreign language skills of EVS volunteers during 5 months of stage duration
• Intercultural exchange of values between EVS volunteers and 60 local people within the intercultural nights organized during 5 months of stage duration
• To produce, update and advertise the main result of the project: an eBook on good practice, that will reach the total
number of 500 persons during and after the ending of EVS stage
• To improve the visibility of the Erasmus + programme, through the close collaboration between EVS volunteers, local Romanian volunteers and local community, and also through the promotion materials and strategies for the project, which will show required visibility elements
• To create a foreign language club inside coordinating organization, by EVS volunteers during 5 months of stage duration

The learning objectives for the EVS volunteers in the project are:
• To organize periodical language workshops with conformal methods: 4 series of at least 3 workshops for at least 5
participants each.
• To participate regularly in Romanian classes learning at least 300 Romanian words in the EVS stage
• To participate in one month long complex training facilitated by coordinating organization MWL
preparatory training
• To share own culture by organizing at least 2 intercultural evenings for locals, to reach with it the total number of 50 locals
• To organize final event for locals as summary of the project and to reach at least 25 locals with it
• To create, manage and update websites of the project and to reach 1500 visits

Send an email with Motivation Letter and CV in English to alberto@asociacionmundus.com

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