Urgent! EVS vacancy for Spanish volunteer in Romania

“MODEL EU”EVS in Romania

Location: Craiova city, Dolj county, Romania

Period: 01/04/2016 – 31/01/2017

Deadline: 31 March 2016

Centrul Regional de Economie Sociala is NGO activating the city of Craiova in Soth West Oltenia region of Romania. The organisation was borne out of the desire of its members to have a more structured framework trough which to be able to implement activities that would lead to community development and promotion of social economy.
The mission of CRES: CRES proposes itself to empower communities regarding self-management and long-term development of social economy and public administration reform to support the EU integration process.

What will I DO in the Model EU project?

The volunteers of the Model EU Project will be directly involved in the planning, organization and implementation of activities that build up towards a big event that simulates the inner workings of the European Union.

The general objective of the project aims towards preparing and implementing a simulation of the EU at local level that aims to increase the level of European awareness and awareness of EU functioning and mechanisms as well as active citizenship and civic engagement of both the target group and the volunteers while also contributing to their personal and professional development.

The project is structured in 5 phases:

A1. Capacity Building Programme(CBP) – the project will feature an intensive month long capacity building programme that will aim to prepare the volunteers with the skills and competences needed to successfully implement the project. The Model EU project is an intensive project that depends a lot on the volunteers having a good understanding of how the EU works and being able to transmit the information further.

A2. Community awareness phase – 2 months
In this phase the volunteers, using the skills and information acquired during the CBP will implement a grand awareness campaign focused on transmitting information on EU and the simulation of the EU that the project aims to implement. The campaign will be implemented in educational institutions from Craiova and will aim to raise the interest in the simulation of the EU that the project will organize. At the end of the campaign, based on the results, the 5 educational institutions that show the most willingness will be selected to form the target group of the project.

A3. Training the target group on the Model EU methodology by transmitting targeted information, knowledge and skills about the EU and legislative procedures within the EU – 4 months
In this phase the volunteers will start a series of training with the students from the schools to raise their knowledge on the EU, its mechanisms and values etc. In this phase the students participating at the final event will receive all the necessary information to effectively participate in the simulation. Each school participating the project will receive training from a team of volunteers in order to prepare the student to represent their chosen country in the Model EU.

A4. Model EU final event – 1 month( 4 day event plus logistical and organizational preparations)
Near the end of the project the final event will be organized. In the event all the students who participate in the trainings will represent one country in a simulation of the EU. A topic will be chosen for the simulation and each group of students representing a country will have to represent that countries point of view on that specific topic.

A5. Dissemination, Evaluation and Fallow up – 1 month
The last month of the project will be dedicated to evaluating the project and extent to which it reached its goals. Based on the evaluation we will plan fallow up actions. We consider the current project as a
pilot project for testing the methodology of the Model EU and will consider expanding the model to include more cities in the future according to the success of this project

The above mentioned activities are the general overview but each volunteer has the opportunity to propose, implement and carry on new types of activities bases on previous experiences, personal preferences, skills and abilities and well as have direct control over the methods used to implement the activities.

If you are interested in this project, Send to alberto@asociacionmundus.com CV and Motivation letter. ( english)

More information Open Call for Volunteers Model EU.