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Location: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Period: 01/09/2016 – 23/12/2016

Deadline: 20 April 2016

Casal Petit is an organization of care for women in prostitution and/or victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation, which belongs to the Religious Congregation of the Oblate Sisters. It was opened in 2001. Our objectives are comprehensively address women and offer them alternatives to have a better quality of life; and raise awareness about the causes, consequences and alternatives to prostitution.

During 2014 he attended women from 21 different nationalities, highlighting Nigeria, Spain, Dominican Republic and Brazil. The age ranges mostly between 25 and 44 years. 87% had primary or secondary education. And half of them have dependent children in their home country or in Spain. Their main demand is assistance in job search and training.
The intervention areas of the Casal Petit are:
– Area of psycho-social care: social and psychological care is provided to women.
– Area of training: literacy classes, and computer languages are offered; workshops and information resources.
– Pre-work area: it offers a pre-employment workshop to acquire skills and job search workshop specific training for specific trades.
– Area of accommodation: Apartment ward for women who want to escape prostitution or trafficked for sexual exploitation.
– Social impact area: the participation of volunteers in the Casal, as an agent of social awareness is offered; Besides advocacy, dissemination and research of the phenomenon of prostitution they are made.

Tasks of the volunteers:

-Support women’s group, along with the teacher, in the pre-employment workshop. It is a workshop in which 10 women, held Monday through Thursday from 9:30 to 12’30h involved. in which she teaches women skills for job search; improved grammar, mathematics, computer science; health issues, social skills and general culture are taught. -Support for women, along with educators and other volunteers, in job search activity. This activity takes place on Friday morning, from 9:30 to 12’00h., To help women to find work over the Internet, implementation of curriculum, enrollment job boards, etc. is provided -Language classes (depending on the language spoken) and computer classes, or support other volunteers who are teaching these classes. They are small women (4 or 5) which teaches them, depending on the level of language that has both, as computer groups. -Support women’s group, along with the teacher, in the workshop of knowledge resources. It is a workshop, in which 10 women, taught on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12.30 to 14’30h involved. The various city services (health, social, labor, etc …) come to the workshop to explain its action; sessions on prostitution, rights and duties as citizens, self-esteem, gender violence are also taught, trafficking for sexual exploitation, etc. -Street work together with the teacher or social workers to contact women in places of exercise of prostitution. It takes place once a week at night (from 22.00 to 00’00h.) and once every 15 days for the day (Friday from 12:00 am to 13’00h.). It goes to the streets where women exercise prostitution and to explain the appeal. -Reception of the women at the center (welcome, serving coffee, etc.) -Participate in awareness talks carried out. It comes to education centers and talks and workshops to students on gender equality and prostitution as a form of social exclusion are made. -Participate in the organization and tasks of solidarity and paella party prom. Activities are, in general, which are organized by the Casal Petit, in which all women, volunteers and the general public involved.

Profile volunteer who want to host it: – Sensitivity to social issues and gender – Respect the realities of prostitution and cultural diversity – Empathy – Eager to learn – Opening – Active listening – Ability to teamwork – Minimum knowledge of Spanish – Training in the socio-educational branch When the volunteer is incorporated in the Casal Petit, will be part of the team, like the rest of volunteering and performance criteria are the same as with the other volunteers. They will have a reference person, the volunteer’s coordinator, who will monitor and support for good integration and process.

If you want to join Casal Petit, please, send your CV and Cover Letter to: ma.sancho@accionbalear.org