EVS vacancy in Spain, Santander

CREATECTURA (Asociación ILER) Spain EVS vacancy at find EVS

Location: Santander (Spain)

Period: 01/10/2016 – 31/07/2017

Deadline 8 April 2016

ILER (Innovative Learning Environments Research) Pedagogic Association is an organization dedicated to the creation of pedagogical and artistic spaces that promote the natural and creative learning for children and adults.

At this moment ILER Association is developing 4 projects in following areas:

1. Project CREATECTURA regular family and school workshops.
We are currently working on two main topics: Music and Movement and Integrated Arts and Design. At this moment we conduct 12 groups involving more than 200 people: children (age 1•12 years old) with adults parents, family members or caretakers.

2. Project CREATECTURA in schools.
Temporary and regular workshops for schools in already mentioned pedagogical areas and also in the area of science and technology (tinkering). The workshops take place both in the youth centers/ schools and in our headquarters in Pronillo Enclave.

3. Training and support for teachers.
We conduct trainings and consulting for schools and teaching centers in the field of space design, innovation, teaching methodology, trainings about music education, creative development, etc.

4. Creating educational and artistic spaces, with the E-Zeta project.
We create progressive art spaces that are constructed and developed through the participation of children and adults, as well as interactive and pedagogical spaces , where children can experiment with their own art installations.

Volunteers are involved in the daily development of Createctura activities always accompanying a workshop leader . They perform the common tasks of mounting and dismounting the workshop and the development and management of artistic and learning material.

During the workshop their task is to support children and families under the tutelage of the workshop leader in charge of the activity.

They will also collaborate in assembling art installations , educational spaces , transforming classrooms or other spaces in schools or other specific projects that arise during their stay.

Volunteers involved would have a living experience involved in the daily development of our project and it will be complemented with specific practical or theoretical training ensured by the project coordinator.

In order to apply, fill in our application form that you can download here: http://goo.gl/pO138o until the 8th April 2016, and send it to: sve@ser-joven.org together with your current CV.

Write in the subject: APPLICATION 2016_CREATECTURA_YOUR NAME_COUNTRY, for example:



More information about the project candidate’s profile, etc, here: