Five EVS vacancies in France

Open Call for 5 EVS Volunteers in Brittany (France)France EVS active vacancy Find EVS 2

Location: Quimper, France

Period: 01/09/2016 – 30/06/2017

Deadline: 17 April 2016

There are 5 different projects hosted by 5 different host organisations :

1) Lycée le Paraclet: Traditional French Lycée (Secondary school), vocational school
looks for support for educative projects with gastronomical, environmental and international aspects. Place: Quimper

2) Le Likès : Traditional French Lycée (Secondary school), vocational school, searches for educational support with pupils through sport and/or art. Place: Quimper

3) Maison pour tous de Penhars : Social-Cultural NGO looks for a support to improve the social dialogue within the local community. Intergenerational education through gardening. Place: Quimper

4) Ulamir centre social du Goyen : Social Youth Center searches a support to organise sportive activities with children and teenagers. Place: Poullan sur mer and the surrounding

5) CCAS Plonéour-Lanvern : Puplic Educational Social Center looks a support to do artistic and sportive activities with children. Place: Plonéour-Lanvern

The EVS volunteer will work on projects in favor of the pupils from the college, highschool or of the students. The tasks of the volunteer will depend as well on his/her possibilities. The school can offer the volunteer to participate in its sport , language or cultural sector. This could be for example to organise a sport event or to teach a local sport activity from the coun-try of the volunteer. Furthermore, the volunteer could organise a film-club or a language club. He/she could organise an event about Europe and let the pupils discover food specialties from the home country. There will be as well the possibility to accompany the teacher of the language class, to talk about his/her own language, culture and costumes. It is important that its pupils will get to know the programme EVS and that they want to do an international experience, as well.


The deadline for the applications is the 17. April (Skype interview 20th-22nd April). (We won’t be able to take in consideration applications which will arrive after the deadline). You can write the application form and the CV in French or in English. Please, send the applications to: Please note, that you have to find a sending organisation first. We can’t accept applications by volunteers without a sending organisation.

Please note, that all these projects are right now under accreditation process, therefore they are not online today on the database, but they should be by April.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
For further information (Infopack and application form) please contact:


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Maria Eplinius
Animatrice Interculturelle

Association Gwennili
43, rue Aristide Briand
29000 Quimper

Phone: +33 2 98 53 06 86