8 EVS vacancies in Portugal

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Location: Lousa, Portugal

Period: 01/09/2016 – 31/08/2017

Deadline: 12 April 2016

We have a vacancy for 8 volunteers in 3 different hosting organisations.
1) 2 volunteers for EVS in BLOOM (PIC 943976647)
BLOOM – Associação Sócio-Cultural is a non profit organisation founded in March 2008. BLOOM works in different regions in Portugal, mainly in the country side. Our mission: To support, consult, develop and implement social, cultural and educational projects with a national and international dimension, to empower initiatives and organisations, in the local community, mainly addressed to youth.

2) 2 volunteers for EVS in ARCIL (PIC 940893987)
The mission of ARCIL is to promote care and rehabilitation services to persons with disability or in a situation of exclusion, aiming their social and professional integration. ARCIL develops several activities, structured in Rehabilitation Services and Production Unities. Since 2009 we host EVS volunteers within Youth in Action/Erasmus Plus in cooperation with BLOOM and have hosted around 20 volunteers until so far. ARCIL has plenty of areas to explore as written above and to go in depth.
3) 4 volunteers will do their service in ADSCCL (PIC 942681212)
The association develops social, cultural and development of personal and social skills, based on the logic of entrepreneurship and social innovation geared for change and social transformation, motivating and empowering the target groups and the community to a more active participation, citizenship and based on learning and continues throughout life. The maximum objetive is promote de sustaining local developement.
Target audience – people in potential or actual situation of exclusion or social vulnerability (children, young people in vulnerable social or school exclusion, families and seniors in vulnerable situation in isolation situation).

1) BLOOM (PIC 943976647): Bloom is working with the local community of Lousã. In spring 2016 Bloom will launch a new project under the name: “Pronoia” .
Pronoia: Spreading kindness and love in town to fight the crises, social exclusion and poverty. The volunteers will be included in this project in the following activities/tasks:
-Know your neighborhood: In Lousã we live with many different nationalities, but we don’t know much from each other. The Know Your Neighbor is a project that organises activities to fight xenophobia and prevent racism. The volunteers will be involved in helping organising the Monthly Intercultural Dinner, where a group or an individual present their/his country and share their typical food with the local community.
– A guest at your table: the volunteers can help to promote and plan this ongoing project. A Guest at Your Table prevents (or fights against) poverty and social isolation. The idea is that people open their doors and want to share a talk and a meal with others.
– Pronoia campaigns: how to bring kindness and love into town, by weekly brainstorm and events.
– The soup-day: Organising the Soup Day: Ones a week the supermarkets, groceries, etc will give us ingredients to make the soup, that otherwise goes to the trash. In this way we will contribute to the prevention of food waste, social inclusion and fight poverty.
2)-ARCIL (PIC 940893987):
•Leisure Time Centre Activities: the target group includes about 200 children between 6 and 10 years old in five different centers. There is an annual activities plan structured with the monitors, including activities like music, body expression, plastic expression, nature activities, sports, thematic discussions and others. The volunteers can help the monitors of the groups to carry out several tasks.
• Activities for disadvantaged (young) people the main objective is to support a small group of disadvantaged young people and young people with disabilities or special educational needs and propose them some activities, motivating them to participate more in future projects. The activities are flexible and can be adapted to the talents of the volunteers.
• Other punctual activities: beside these daily activities, the volunteers will be able to participate (preparation, realisation and evaluation) in other activities like the Youth week-end, organisation of fairs and exhibitions, school information sessions…
• Individual project:the volunteers will have the opportunity to conceive, prepare and execute his own project with the help of the mentor and the other members of the association. A special and regular time during the week is defined to achieve this objective, with special training if necessary (methodology of project, budget skills, communication….for example).
3)ADSCCL (PIC 942681212) :Volunteers will be included in the project activities of ADSCCL (families with affection and Gerasol) and the organization’s own dynamic providing continuous learning. Among the activities include: – monitoring of social intervention activities, entertainment and entrepreneurship with the elderly, children and young people and adults in potential or actual situation of social exclusion – pedagócicos games, animation, dementia prevention activities and dependence combat loneliness among many others. in the case of entrepreneurship support the design of inclusive Microentrepreneurship projects, including supporting the implementation of the entrepreneur and coaching plan.
the activities developed will contact with the natives, with culture traditions and realities as well as the acquisition of personal and social technical and relational skills associated with the intervention with people in situations of fragility, a logic of citizenship and inclusion.

Send us an email to bloomevs2016@gmail.com with your CV, Motivation Letter and the form “BLOOM_application_2016” attached filled.