EVS vacancy in Estonia

Tallinn Kuristiku Gymnasium Tallinn Kuristiku Gymnasium

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Period: 01/09/2016 – 01/09/2017

Deadline: 10 April 2016

Tallinn Kuristiku Gymnasium (Tallinna Kuristiku Gümnaasium) is a municipal school founded in 1984. Our school, where about 650 students are studying now, is one of the largest schools in Lasnamäe – the subdistrict of Tallinn.

The spirit of our school is thoroughly kept by both: the teachers and the students. The students’ representation was organized to provide the democratic management of our school and to make our school life more interesting and more suitable for every taste.

At 2012 the school was renovated and partly rebuilt. The greatest changes were made in the sports hall (it has become much bigger and changed its location), we also got a spacious library and a large auditorium hall. There are computers and video projectors in all classrooms. Overall the schoolhouse is technically well equipped. The football pitch and the running track received a new coat. A larger parking lot was built at the main entrance.

All the students study English from the very first year. For all students we offer free of charge after-class activities, such as folk dancing, ball games and athletics. In our large gym you can play handball, basketball and other games.

For some extra fee primary school students can attend after-school classes, where they can learn, play and stay at school until 5 pm.

Altogether there are 78 employees working at Tallinn Kuristiku Gymnasium, 60 of whom are teachers. The volunteer will partly work with primary school teachers, IT-manager and head teachers. Most of the time the volunteer will work with school youth worker/social pedagogue who will be the volunteers tutor and will be responsible for EVS.

To the volunteer we wish to provide primary youth work and pedagogical experience. To us it is important to create the working environment and content with the volunteer. Here are some examples of the tasks or possibilities of actions:

– activities concerning the project ‘Enterprising School’ (‘Ettevõtlik kool’). The project’s aim is to help students to be more active, initiative and responsible for ones own actions.
– activities concerning the project ‘School Inviting to Move’ (‘Liikuma kutsuv kool’). The project’s aim is to reduce the ‘sitting-time’ of children and youngsters and to create an environment or opportunities for students to move more during the school day.
– establish and supervise an after-class for students. For example drama class or activities with sports or IT (robotics, programming etc). There are also technical equipment for making a school radio or TV.
– organize or help to organize school events such as National holidays, Teacher’s Day, School’s Birthday, Halloween, World-education week, Christmas celebrations, Valentine’s Day, School’s Song and Dance Festival.
– organize or help to organize active breaks for primary school students.
– help to provide discipline at breaks (in halls and cafeteria).
– help at study visits and excursions (take place in Tallinn and all over in Estonia).
– being a support person (confidant) for students.
– help to guide the after-school program.

In order to apply we ask you to fill out the specific EstYES EVS application form that you can download from the link below. Please note that we do not require CV or motivation letter. Thoroughly filled out application form is the most important.


Deadline for submitting application is 10th of April.

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