EVS vacancy in Estonia, Tabasalu

Tabasalu Youth CentreTabasalu Youth Centre

Location: Tabasalu, Estonia

Period: 01/09/2016 – 01/09/2017

Deadline: 10 April 2016

Tabasalu Youth Center is a small youth center in a very beautiful area, in 13 km distance from Estonian capital Tallinn. Center provides different kinds of opportunities and activities to local young people aged 7–26. There are different clubs and activities every week and every month. In addition, there are different theme days once in a month. The center is open from Monday to Friday.

Youth center offers different activities such as table tennis, pool table, two different Playstations, table football, boardgames, puzzles and much more. More than 40 people are visiting youth center every day to take part of the activities.

The total number of the staff in the foundation is 25, but the volunteer will be working with youthworkers, so in total with 4 people. The volunteer will find contact with people visiting our center, helping to organize their recreational time, playing with them, helping to organize different kind of activities with our staff.

Watch a video of Tabasalu Youth Center here:

The main educational value of this EVS project is in providing young volunteers with profound experience of youth work and social work. This experience may determine future studies or field of work for the volunteers.

Besides the project will give volunteer a chance to experience life near Estonian biggest city, learn Estonian language and culture. The main task for volunteer in this project is working in open youth center, organizing different activities to them and supporting the staff in their work.

The division of the tasks may be changed and adapted for certain volunteer, depending on their interests and skills. Volunteer will be encouraged to propose their personal projects/initiatives related to the theme of this EVS project which can be supported by the host and/or coordinating organisation.

The working time will be around 30–35 hours every week. The volunteer will be working during the youth center opening hours. Usually the week will be 30 hours, but if we are organizing some activities for the evening, then the day might be a bit longer.

Volunteer will have 2 weeks off in the weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

According to the volunteers skills and project needs priority tasks and more detailed working schedule (including holidays and periods of breaks) will be worked out together with the head of project and staff. Volunteers will be working under supervision and with support of staff.

A typical day would look like that:
– Volunteer works from 1 pm to 7 pm from Monday to Friday, weekends are off.
– The volunteer starts with working in the open area of the youth center.
– The volunteer will be helping to organize different activities, sports games, etc.
– Trying to find a contact with the young people visiting our youth center – playing different games and doing different activities with them, talking to them.
– Helping our staff to keep the good discipline in the youth center.

Once in a week our volunteer will be organizing their own club and they can always take their time to prepare for the club.

Every school break we have youth day camp for younger kids (from aged 7-12), the volunteer will be helping us to organize those and will be there during the camps as well.

During the summer there is different day camps, also camps with sleepovers. The volunteer will be a part of those as well.

In order to apply we ask you to fill out the specific EstYES EVS application form that you can download from the link below. Please note that we do not require CV or motivation letter. Thoroughly filled out application form is the most important.

Deadline for submitting application is 10th of April.

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