EVS vacancy in Estonia

Mustamäe Family CentreEVS in Estonia general

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Period:01/09/2016 – 01/09/2017

Deadline: 10 April 2016

Mustamäe Päevakeskus (Mustamäe Day Care Centre) is a governmental organisation which works on a local level. It was established in 2000 to provide social services for elderly people. Mustamäe Day Care Centre serves as a roof-organization for Mustamäe Family Centre. In March 2015 Mustamäe Perekeskus (Mustamäe Family Centre) was founded to support families solving their problems.

The Family Centre is a place for the children and youngsters who do not get enough support from home. The children are sent here by Child Protection officials and they cannot come here without legal guidance. Children and youngsters can study, communicate and play with other children and youngsters in the centre. There are around 20 children daily in the centre. Every week there is a different theme the activities are related to. Among other topics, the Family Centre does prevention work to avoid violence and substance abuse problems among the children and youngsters in Mustamäe. The Centre cooperates with teachers, psychologist and Police in order to direct children to the Centre instead of playing in the streets.

The daily personnel of the Family Centre had professional education and respective experience to carry out their tasks:
-Manager/social workers – coordinating the work of the Centre and social work concerning children/youngsters and their families.
-Social worker – working with children/youngsters and families and supporting them in different problems.
-Teacher – supporting children/youngsters with their home work.
-Civilian service volunteers – working with children/youngsters and families and supporting them in different problems.

In addition:
– Psychologist – providing support and counseling to children/youngsters and their families.
– Art Therapists – supporting children/youngsters and their families through different forms of art therapy.
– Math teacher – helping children with home work in Mathematics.

The volunteer would have an opportunity to contribute in all the fields possible where he/she feels motivated in regarding the well-being of the children/youngsters. Regular activities in the Family Centre are making homework after school, reading, playing, drawing, doing sport etc.

If the volunteer is skilled in the field of sports, there is a possibility to organise any kind of sports activities. Proficiency in any other field is recognized and can be implemented in some way that is developing for the children: social games, art projects (decorating rooms, holiday specials), intercultural cooking projects, language learning, etc. The volunteer has an opportunity to practice 1-on-1 teaching skills by many ways: different therapy forms if skilled, regular school topics for 1-9th graders.

The volunteer will be included in organising all the events and projects of the Centre, thus he/she will aqcuire experience in project management.

The main activities for volunteer in Social Support Centre/Family’s Centre are seen as follows:
– organising leisure time activities (sports, games, songs etc) for children and youngsters;
– looking after children and helping social workers in managing their daily needs;
– presenting his/her own country and culture as a part of the intercultural learning ;
– teaching foreign language to the children and youngsters;
– assisting to arrange outings and excursions and taking part in those;
– playing with children;

It is very important for children/youngsters to have someone who listens and understands them and also gives them his/her support. This is another task of the volunteer. The staff of the Centre hopes that the new person – volunteer – will truly connect with children/youngsters and can help them to understand difficulties of life.

Finally, to show the wide range of learning opportunities for the volunteer, there is also opportunity to work with elderly people in the roof organization Mustamäe Päevakeskus (Day Care Centre).

In order to apply we ask you to fill out the specific EstYES EVS application form that you can download from the link below. Please note that we do not require CV or motivation letter. Thoroughly filled out application form is the most important.


Deadline for submitting application is 10th of April.
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