Urgent! 12 EVS vacancies in Portugal

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Location: Lousa and Figueira da Foz, Portugal

Period: 01/09/2014 – 12/08/2017

Deadline: 12 April 2016

We are looking for 12 volunteers for a project to apply.
8 volunteers will do 12 months service starting 1st of September in the town Lousã (nearby Coimbra):
-2 will do their service in ARCIL (PIC 940893987);

-2 will do their service in BLOOM (PIC 943976647);
-4 will do their service in ADSCCL (PIC 942681212).
The other 4 will start their project on 1st of September with 9 months duration in the city Figueira da Foz (Coimbra) in:
-2 in hosting organisation Cavalo Amigo (PIC 924437452);
– 2 in hosting organisaition APAFF (PIC 940689802).

See for more information about the organisations in the European database.

As all the organisations have different aims and target groups, tasks of the volunteer are going to be different. Detailed description of the organisations and tasks you ca find on EVS accredited organisations data base.

Send us an email to bloomevs2016@gmail.com with your CV, Motivation Letter and the form “BLOOM_application_2016” attached filled.