Urgent! 4 EVS vacancies in Romania

EVS in RomaniaInitiatives for Social Change 

Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Period: 01/10/2016 – 31/07/2017

Deadline: 10 April 2016

Education Studio is a non-profit organization from Cluj-Napoca which creates educational projects for youth development.

Our mission is to develop the knowledge, attitudes and life skills of young people!

We are developing an innovative approach of using nonformal education, by adapting tools from different fields and disciplines into methods of education and youth development!

We created, in the Studio, an innovative approach and usage of: improvisational theatre, stopmotion animation, creative writing, dance and expressive movement, social photography, slam poetry and we are currently working in creating new ones!

Our target groups are mostly youngsters, students and young adults.

We are developing:
• Learning experiences: workshops, training courses, programs, events, campaigns;
• Social projects and events;
• International mobility projects;
• We provide professional support for new trainers and youthworkers.

As a part of Education Studio team, you will have the possibility to learn and develop new skills and competences.

You will be involved in:
– Nonformal Education field by:
• creating new tools and methods;
• assisting our trainers and facilitators in delivering workshops;
• organizing activities in the youth center;
• organizing events/campaigns on raising awareness and social education.
– Daily life of the organization;
– Working with youngsters at a local Teenage Center;
– Promoting Education Studio programs and events for the local community.

We offer you the opportunity to:
– Work in a intercultural team;
– Learn how to transform any tool in a nonformal education method;
– Discover how to use Media Tools (social media, video, blog, photo etc.) for promoting the ngo`s activity;
– Create media products and campaigns;
– Practice project writing in Erasmus+ context;
– Assist in organizing the youth exchanges and the training courses of Education Studio;
– Use and develop your creativity and personal management skills;
– Connect and be part of networks of active people at a local and international level;
– Learn how to organize an event;
– Take part in the workshops and events created by our team of trainers;
– Learn how to use creative tools to send a message (e.g: stopmotion animation);
– Create and manage your own personal project!

Please send your CV, Motivation Letter and Application Form to both of the following addresses: offfice@educationstudio.ro and irinabjr@gmail.com until 10th of April, the latest!

We will contact you on email , in the period: 11th -12th of April in order to schedule a Skype meeting which will take place between 13th and 19th of April. Please check your inbox in that period!

Number of placements:
4 people for 10 months

You can download the necessary documents at the following links:
Infopack of Initiatives for Social Change: http://educationstudio.ro/document/infopack-evs-initiatives-for-social-change/
The Application Form: http://educationstudio.ro/document/application-form-evs-initiatives-for-social-change/
English presentation about Education Studio: http://educationstudio.ro/document/education-studio-presentation/http://educationstudio.ro/document/education-studio-presentation/

Website Address: http://www.educationstudio.ro