Urgent! EVS vacancy in Spain for Austrian volunteer

Spain EVS vacancy at find EVSONCE Cantabria

Location: Santander (Spain)

Period: 06/05/2016 – 31/12/2016

Deadline: 8 April 2016

ONCE is a Public Law Corporation, based on association and of a social character, founded in 1938, in order to channel social services and all other actions generating new jobs for visually impaired people in Spain. One of the fundamental aims of ONCE is to help people, who are blind or visually impaired, to achieve enough self-autonomy and to be fully integrated in a society. In order to reinforce these aims la ONCE promotes voluntary work.

Volunteering is aimed at those ONCE members who have not yet reached the degree of personal autonomy or are permanently not autonomous enough to do their daily activities, such as travelling, daily tasks like: going to a bank, to a doctor, paying the bills, etc…reading for pleasure, free time activities, etc…) and whose families, relatives or friends cannot offer them enough support.

1. Daily Activities at ONCE:

Accompaniment to visually impaired people in order to help them in administrative tasks, like going to a bank, visiting a doctor, running errands and so on as well as helping them to participate in the activities organized by the ONCE organization (accompaniment from their houses to ONCE headquarters and viceversa and support in ONCE workshops: ceramics, theatre, book reading…, accompaniment during sightseeing excursions or hiking, accompaniment en to events, shows and celebrations…)

2. Occasional Activities at ASOCIACIÓN SER JOVEN:

Different activities in the field of organizing free time educative activities for youth and information and promotion of ” Youth in Action” Programme: workshops, alternative educative night activities (“La Noche es Joven” in Santander), summer camps, work camps, awareness raising campaigns and other educative activities , talks and seminars disseminating European Voluntary Service, european activities, blog SVE writing and promotion.

Volunteers will have a chance to participate in planification, carying out and evaluation of some of the activities or (in some cases) support in the preparation and practical arrangements of the place where different activities and workshops take place.

Only for candidates from AUSTRIA!!! (Verein 4YOUgend is the Sending organization).

In order to apply, you will need to fill in our questionaire that you can download here http://goo.gl/KH6cn9 until the 30th March and send it to: sve@ser-joven.org together with your current CV.

Write in the subjecy: APPLICATION_URGENT_ONCE_YOUR NAME_4YOUGEND, for example:


More info about the vacancies and the application process here: http://goo.gl/KH6cn9