Approved project – EVS Vacancy in Poland

EVS vacancy starting soon Find EVS 2Foundation Mobilni Polacy is looking for long term volunteers from program countries.
Project will take place in Milicz, Poland. Your activities should start 20th of April and will last for 7 months.

Location: Milicz, Poland

Period: 20/04/2016 – 20/11/2016

Deadline: 16 April 2016

The Milicz Association of Friends of Children and People with Disabilities is a public benefit organization which is well knownnationwide. It constantly expands its rehabilitation and revalidation mission. The Association serves over 1000 handicappedfrom Milicz and neighboring, and even reaches across the voivodeship border. Its staff of over 160 employees includes highlyskilled disability and rehabilitation therapists.

Twenty years of work helped to modify the public perception of the handicapped. Nobody points fingers at a wheelchair on thestreet anymore. City streets and businesses allow more handicap access. The unpleasant and boring, even painful experienceof therapy, has become more bearable. Even the Association’s philosophy has changed over these years. Due to this paradigmshift the goal has been redefined. A therapy does not end with a specialist’s treatment in a closed room but its mission hasbecome to help a disabled person live a worthy and happy life.The Association cooperates with the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities (PFRON – Państwowy FunduszRehabilitacji Osób Niepełnosprawnych) to bring handicapped people to the workforce. For example, the PFRON-supportedprogram “Trainer” facilitates the hiring of the disabled by local businesses. The Association is already engaged in launching acampaign for protected housing to give a chance to live independent lives. The program “While others’ possessions are praisedyour own gifts go unnoticed” brings handicapped close to the nature through kayaking on Barycz river , hikes and trips alongthe river valley on foot, on horseback, or in horse pulled carts.The Association runs the following facilities, in particular:
1.Day Center for Rehabilitation and Education,
2.Private Health Care
3.Center for Early Intervention,
4.Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic,
5.Speech Therapy,
6.Occupational Therapy Workshop,
7.County Support.
CenterIn twenty years the Association has grown from a humble initiative helping a small group of needy to a great organizationreaching beyond local boundaries. Several facilities now employ highly qualified staff of instructors, educators, physicians,psychologists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, hippo therapists, dog therapists, music therapies, nurses. The employeesand volunteers participate in various forms of training and skill improvement endeavours. New attractive and more efficientforms of therapy are constantly introduced. The efficiency is enhanced by adding modern therapeutic equipment. The growthof the prestige and scope of the Association has helped to widen the number of beneficiaries.

Foundation Mobilni Polacy is looking for long term volunteers from program countries.
Project will take place in Milicz, Poland. Your activities should start 20th of April and will last for 7 months.
Milicz is a small town in Lower Silesia region, we are heart of Dolina Baryczy Valley- beautiful region of Poland, full of forrest, ponds and animals. At this moment, our organization is coordinating activities of 10 volunteers hosted by 4 organizations in Milicz.
You will be accommodated in flat with 2 or 3 other volunteers, every one have separated bedroom, common kitchen and bathroom. Every flat have WiFi connection.
In Milicz there is no local transport that’s why every volunteer receives bike for duration of the project. You can use it as a substitute of local transport and also as a way of spending your free time.
You can find more info about Milicz here:
Your hosting organization will be Milicki Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Dzieci i Osób Niepełnosprawnych [MSPDiON] ( ). It is one of the biggest associations in Poland, they are working with EVS volunteers from 5 years. You will be working with disabled kids from 3 to 18 years- they are in different age groups.
During your stay you will have mentor’s support and coordinator organization according to European Voluntary Chart and Erasmus+ guide.
We are paying monthly 85EUR of pocket money, with money for food it is 750PLN.

What we want to achieve during EVS project:
1. Improvement and development of the new methods of work of EVS volunteers (language barrier) with disabled people and children
2. Make everybody aware (volunteers, disabled people, students in the club – rooms) that barriers can be overcome. The success of work is not a coincidence but a result of the hard and systematic work in accordance with the predispositions of the volunteer in the direction of development.
3. Improve the knowledge, professional, cultural, social and language experience through the all partners of the project ( organisations and volunteers ). Upgrade the potential of social community in Milicz as a natural recipients of the results during realisation of our project.
4. Expand chances on the labour market of volunteers and disabled people  to find the work due to unique skills, experiences and the knowledge gained during their participation it the project.
5. Create friendly relationships based on respect and trust among the citizens of foreign countries
6. Gain of international potential of organizations


1. Collecting CV and motivation letters,
2. Contact with chosen people via Skype
3. Decission made by coordinating organization and hosting organization.
4. Paper stuff- insurance, activity agreements
5. buying tickets
6. Start of activities
Please sen your CV and motivation letters to
You can contact with us also on Facebook-

If you are interested, please send to us CV (with telephone number or Skype) and Motivation Letter, please answer in it for this three questions, it will help you decide if the project is good for you:

Are you ready to work with disabled children and perfectly healthy
but sometimes annoying teenagers?
Are you aware that your project will take 7 months and start 
20 of April 2016 – so – very soon. and if you say yes, can we be
sure that you will not change your mind and stay with us till the end
of project – till 20 of November this year?
Are you able to live in small town? (Milicz has just 15 thousand
citizens. We have now 10 volunteers but there is no cinema, club or shopping mall.
Send CV and motivation letters at

Also if you have any questions- do not hesitate to ask!

Time to start of the project is very close, so we need your applications as soon as possible.

You can find more information about us here: