EVS vacancy in France

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Location: Brest, France

Period: 01/09/2016 – 31/05/2017

Deadline: 17 April 2016

Dupuy de Lôme High school
Boasting both technical and vocational training and thus becoming « polyvalent » in 2010, Dupuy de Lôme High school has 1080 registered students this 2015-2016 school year in the following courses :
-561 students in the vocational school, 52% of our total number, of which 140 are boarders
-345 students in the general and technological school, 32% of our total number
-173 students in post-bac, 16% of our total number.
In addition to lycée students we also host a hundred continuing education students in the GRETA and 25 CFAEN apprentices.
Our courses concern Industry and Construction in addition to Health and Social work.

School population :
The population of our school is decidedly masculine (60% total) with 73% male in the vocational school balanced out by 55% female in the technological school due to the presence of the predominantly feminine Health and Social work course at the Baccalauréat and Post-bac levels.
Students are from families whose socio-professional categories are primarily office workers (21%) or laborers (28%), with 19 % intermediate occupations and 13 % higher managerial and professional occupations.

The lycée employs 195 people divided among various teams as follows:
Direction : A headmaster, an assistant headmaster, an account manager, a site manager, and 3 Student Affairs and Guidance Coordinators (CPE).
Administration:2 assistant site managers, 6 administrative assistants.
Health and Social Work : 1 school physician, 2 nurses, 1 social worker.
Teaching Staff : 123 professors
School Life office : 16 supervisors for 170 total boarders.
Maintenance, Cleaning, and Cafeteria personnel : 31 employees of the Region of Brittany.

Of the foreign languages taught at our school, nearly all students study English with one of our 8 English teachers. 40 % of students study Spanish with one of our 2 Spanish teachers and 5 % of students study German with our 1 German teacher. In the vocational school students study only one foreign language but in the technological school there is a two-foreign-language requirement.

One of the priorities of the High school is to develop the welcoming atmosphere for students in and outside the lassroom, which is also a core objective of the Qualycée programme, a regional accreditation programme to which we aspire (Quality Label awarded by the region of Brittany). In this perspective, we have to focus on two
major areas: the CDI (Centre of Documentation and Information or media centre) and the Student life office. The Brittany Region is currently studying a proposition to renovate this student life office. In an effort to improve the attractiveness of the media centre and student life office and convince more students to attend, EVS Volunteer(s) would be expected to participate in animating these areas, together with the librarians and the Student Affairs and Guidance Coordinators (CPE).

***At the Media Center, volunteers would be involved in the following activities:
· Welcoming students and helping them
· Help with research
· Literary Review activities
· Assisting the librarians in implementing certain partnership projects like with the new Capucin Media Centre (Discovery, preparations of exhibitions, etc.) and with the Brittany Region (Goncourt prize awarded by high school students, “Girls and Boys talk about gender-mixing (La mixité sex’prime)”…)
· Workshop on the EVS’ country Culture
· Conversational Workshop on the volunteer native language or English (according to the volunteer’s level).
· Help students with homework according to the EVS’s personal skills.

***In the Student Representative Body’s (CVL) headquarters:
· greet the students and conduct activities (competitions; contests; music bands ..)
· Help run the CVL’s projects: citizenship project; Republican Values; debate society; Collecting schoolbooks and dispatching them to students; …
· help run the Student Life Office projects such as selling T-shirts and pastries, organising the Lycée’s open house day, organizing evening events (bowling, ice-skating etc) for boarding students 3 times a year before school holidays
· preparing a traditional meal from the EVS’s homeland with the assistance of the kitchen staff – meal which will then be served at the school cafeteria.
· Setting up a personal project for the students (for example an activity or event)

***The EVS will also have the chance to develop his or her skills and knowledge:
· teamwork: depending on the activities set up, the EVS will work with the Student affairs and Guidance Coordinator (CPE), the librarian and other members of the teaching staff, as well as with students thus fully integrating the Lycée.
· developing initiative: the EVS will have the opportunity to put forward ideas for new activities in relation to the Lycée’s 5-year management plan, and then to organise them. They will also be able to develop existing activities, adding their own personal touch.
· communication skills: the EVS will learn to communicate with a range of different people (teachers, students, librarians, kitchen staff, Student affairs and Guidance Coordinator (CPE) etc. He or she will create posters and flyers to promote the various activities that are set up.
· organisation skills: defining, preparing and setting up activities
· language skills: learning French language and French and Breton cultures through full immersion in a new country. The EVS will be given a weekly French lesson as well as on-line lessons according to their level of French. These online lessons are provided by a local association, the ABAAFE.
· learning about the educational system. The multiple projects and partners encountered will enable the EVS to discover a school environment from a staff member’s point of view
· learning computer, organisation and communication techniques necessary to the different activities
· Learning about themselves: the EVS will interact with a new environment and this will lead to redefining their plans for the future

Volunteer’s profile
The volunteer must be ready to implicate himself or herself with the students and actively participate in events and programs that he/she helps set up.
Pre-existing communication and organisation skills would be an asset.
In addition, we are looking for one volunteer with basic skills in French. During EVS you will do some activities with students (mainly from 15′ to 19′) so we need someone with maturity and sense of initiative.
If you are interested you have to send your CV with photo and your application letter to the coordinating organisation.
Contact : Agnès Pissavy – agnes.pissavy@bij-brest.org
Skype interviews will organised between April, 19th-21th, 2016

The High school is near the centre of Brest and on the tramway line (7 stops from the town centre). A monthly bus and tramway pass will be granted, free of charge, to each volunteer. The school cafeteria can cater for lunch and dinner on week days. Each EVS will have accommodation in one of the Lycée’s independent flats (individual or with a flatmate – another volunteer or a language assistant).
Each volunteer will be granted a pocket money allowance of €115 a month.

The volunteer will eat lunch at the school cafeteria. If he or she wishes, dinner will also be available from Mondays to Thursdays. Other meals will be prepared by the volunteer in his flat, a food allowance will be given monthly, the amount will vary depending on school holidays (when the cafeteria is closed). During school holidays, the food allowance will be €65 per week. Each volunteer will have all necessary equipment for cooking provided in his/her flat. Internet, calls to family and post will also be provided free of charge. Necessary cooking equipment is available in the flat for each EVS. Internet access, calls to family and to the home site are free from the High school..