EVS vacancy in Spain

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Location: Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Period: 01/08/2016 – 31/07/2017

Deadline: 20 April 2016

The PREDIF-IB, federation is an organization that represents the collective of over 55,000 people with physical or mental physical disability community. It is part of the State Representative Platform of the Physically Disabled (PREDIF), a non-profit federation of state level that represents and serves more than 300,000 people with physical disabilities in Spain.


• The Association of spinal cord injury and severe physical disabilities of the Balearic Islands (ASPAYM Balears) is a non-profit organization representing the group of people with spinal cord injury and severe physical disabilities. He was born in 1992 with the aim of defending the rights of people with physical disabilities and work for their social integration.
ASPAYM meets the needs of support we have people with severe physical disabilities, mainly caused by a spinal cord injury, but also by other causes such as stroke, diseases, etc. The aim of the service is to promote the personal autonomy of these people, prevent worsening of their situation (falls, pressure ulcers, etc.) and improve their quality of life.

• The Balearic Multiple Sclerosis Association (ABDEM) is a non-profit organization established in November 1994. It represents a large part of the group of people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.
Currently, the Association has about 420 members, 283 of them are people with MS and the rest, friends, family and colleagues of both the geriatric field and private companies.

ABDEM work in favor of people diagnosed with MS and other similar neurological diseases, in order to improve their quality of life and their families. We also invested great efforts to sensitize our community about the physical and psychosocial consequences they face every day and needs care they need.

The tasks are based on encouraging and facilitating the acquisition of key competences proposed by the Erasmus + Program. All tasks to be performed by the volunteer will be clearly defined in the Activity Agreement, and based on them, the volunteer, together with the shipping company, the umbrella organization and our partnership will define learning objectives to facilitate delivery of the Youthpass certificate. Both associations share the methodological process of intervention, many of the activities developed in a partnership run in the same way in the other, although we find differences because users are in ABDEM and ASPAYM. Here we capture the activities carried out in two centers: • Support in recreational therapy. Ability to stimulate and develop critical thinking itself. The volunteer will have the opportunity to co-create, by the user, different crafts. • Support in workshops. Learning management and development of various materials. Paint shop, singing, jewelry, etc … • Administrative support. Development of skills related to administrative management. Developing payroll, pay bills, e review, etc …. • Support awareness department. Development of social skills. Collaboration in planning various activities to raise awareness. Social support networks. These activities take place only in association ABDEM: • Support in orofacial praxis workshop. Knowing the basic rehabilitation of the orofacial muscles to facilitate swallowing. • Support in gym. Acquisition of knowledge to cope with caring for a person. Transfers, postural changes, hygienes, mechanotherapy, gymnastic groups.

Candidates must apply with CV and motivation letter (both in english) to xavi.zaragoza@accionbalear.org with the name to the project that you are interested. Openness and transparency is ensured in a selection process where the critera are available to everybody and in which all applicants will be informed about the results as well as the reasons for these results. PREDIF-IB does not discriminate against any background and wellcomes all people who are keen and motivated to learn. The decisions are made upon selection criteria according to their qualifications, motivation, extracurricular activities, experiences, travels, manteining a gender balance, and a diversity in countries.