EVS vacancy in approved project in Turkey

EUROPEAN YOUTH VOICE Turkey call for EVS project vacancy 2


Period: 15/05/2016 – 15/11/2016

Deadline: 1 May 2016

Uluslararası Gençlik Aktiviteleri Merkezi Derneği (International Youth Activities Center Association – IYACA) is a “YOUTH NGO” – founded in 2012 in Kayseri. It is founded to arrange activities supporting and contributing to youths’ personal development so that youngster can generate a solution for the problems around them, find their self-confident back and turn into promoter and sensitive individuals.

The goals of IYACA can be listed like followings:
• To contribute to the social, cultural, artistic, athletic, scientific and professional developments of youth.
• To contribute to have a youth that has the love for people and nature, respect for the human rights, democratic values, attitudes and behaviors.
• To conduct activities to make young people have a promoter, creative, solution oriented, innovative, productive, change and development oriented, participative, principled, sharing and leader spirit.
• To encourage youth to have a decision making mechanism in local, regional, national and international level.
• To encourage their active citizenship, long life learning and participation to labor market and to develop sustainable youth policies.
• To enhance the empathy among young on the purpose of increasing socialization in European norm, to develop cooperation and tolerance.
• To learning and cultural diversity among young people. raise awareness for international dialogues, intercultural
• To raise awareness of youth and society for natural disasters, first aid, environment, saving energy and protection of energy sources.
• To support the adaptation of young people who has limited opportunities and offer them to help.

Our target audience is between 13-30 years old young. The slogan of our Association is described as “ 7/24 Open Space and Free Area for the youth” so our youth can develop their own activities together with using and practising our Assocaition’s possibilities and opportunities (Within the framework of corporate culture). We want to work together with the youth adopting each other’s ideas, taking desicion in cooperation and design and practise activities hand in hand. Briefly, we need young people who can move together, know their own skills and personalities, improve themselves in innovative, creative, sustainable and influencial Youth Works.

Volunteers will be involved in the following activities:

 To prepare International Youth Bulletin;

 To give basic information about youth activities in universities: European youth


 To update website of the youth center (Facebook page and databases);

 To participate in every special events organized by the Youth Center;

 To participate in the meetings in high schools;

 To manage on the web radio programmes;

 To participate in every special events organized by the Youth Center;

 To participate in street forums;

 To organize English conversation clubs;

 To organize intercultural activities.

1- Send your CV to evs@iyaca.org adress and later, we will have Actiivty Agreement between sending – hosting organisation and the volunteer. Then we will start preparing documents for visa (if it is needed)

To learn more about our Association: