EVS Vacancy in Portugal – approved project

EVS vacancy starting soon Find EVS 2Junta de Freguesia de Lumiar for FRENCH volunteer only

Location: Lisbon PORTUGAL

Period: 01/06/2016 – 31/03/2017

Deadline: 16 May 2016

The hosting institution, Junta de Freguesia de Lumiar, is the local administrative unit of the Lumiar area in Lisbon. In this organization, the volunteers are going to cooperate with the Education Department, namely they are going to work at two local after-school recreation centers ( Quinta dos Frades and S.Vicente Schools and Bairro Cruz Vermelha).

If you are interested in the project please contact : p.perra@mlve.org

Tasks of the volunteers:

 Collaborate with the Education/Educator’s Coordinating team

 Facilitate and promote activities with children and school community

 Program and implement new projects in the area of education together with the Coordinating team and Educators

 Prepare materials, tools for activities with children, both indoors and outdoors

 Support in after-school activities for children and youngsters from marginalized neighborhood

 Support for elaboration of children’s and youngsters homeworks

 Contribute for teaching songs, dances and play games with children and youngsters

 Support the Educators during Summer animations activities with children and youngsters

 Participate in meetings with parents and Educators