EVS vacancy in approved project in Bulgaria – only for Hungarians

In harmony with NatureBulgaria EVS

Location: Bulgaria, Vlahi

Period: 15/06/2016 – 15/12/2016

Deadline: 20 May 2016

Organizaiton and place: Nature School Foundation, Vlahi village, Kresna municipality, South west Bulgaria (www.vlahi.org).
Vlahi village is small and abandoned village with only 7 permanent inhabitants, but with quite intensive visitors flow during summer. There are three NGOs operating there. The nearest town Kresna is 9 km far from the village. The village is at the foot of Pirin National Park (UNESCO world nature heritage object). The climate in the village is continental-mediterranean.

Tasks of the volunteers, related to development of new functioning elements of the permaculture concept, which will be used for demonstration among students and visitors of the Nature School:
– Wind stopper ( stone wall) and sun trap, which create insulation barrier against cold winds, coming from the mountain to the garden and using the warming capability of the stones, exhibited to the low winter sun.
– Irrigation system in the Nature school garden, in which various ways for water delivery will be applyed, on one hand thus will irrigate the garden and on the other hand will have demonstrational component, providing sustainable irrigation.
– Building up a new “live” fence from wood and hedge.
– Everyday care for the domestic animals in the Nature school – hens, ducks, geese and rabbits, as well as care for the garden.
– Work with students from the local school – involvement in field educational excursions, related to promoting tree species, significant for protection of European bio-corridors.
– Presentations in the Nature School on topics as nature protection and climate change.
– Preparation of information and educational materials, dedicated to the forest eco-systems.
The volunteers will support the organization and conduction of eco-working weekends with young people from the local community.
The volunteers will be encouraged to organize workshops for the students from the local school on nature protection topics.

If you are a resident of Hungary and are interested in the project please apply by the deadline: 20 May 2016, with your CV and a few words at the e-mail address: teis.evs@gmail.com.