Short-term EVS in Bulgaria for Romanian and Greek volunteers

Scent of Art EVS Vacacny Find EVS 1

Location: Ruse, Bulgaria

Period: 01/06/2016 – 30/06/2016

Deadline: 18 May 2016

Association “Inspiration” is looking for Romanian and Greek volunteers for approved project. “Scent of art” consists of a short-term EVS mobility (30 days) in which will take part 25 young people from 5 European countries. They will participate, along with local volunteers, in different cultural events in the framework of the Ruse Carnival which will be held in June, 2016 in Ruse, Bulgaria. The youngsters will have the opportunity to support and to be directly involved in artistic workshops, activities with local people connected with the Carnival and its events and initiatives.

Association “Inspiration” in collaboration with Municipal Youth Centre in Ruse, Bulgaria

Activities: social work, presentations, street arts, painting on children faces, communication, supporting cultural events in Ruse, wearing a costume in the day of the Carnival

If you are interested in the project write to: