EVS vacancy in Azerbaijan

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Location: Baku/Azerbaijan

Period: 01/08/2016 – 01/06/2017

Deadline: 20 June 2016

This project focuses on the promotion of the European values among the students and young people of Baku, Azerbaijan through different non-formal activities as well as increasing their understanding on the topics such as equality, human rights, democracy and European Citizenship. Involvement of the volunteer in the project activities aims to accelerate the intercultural learning among the youth. The project also addressed the issues of youth empowerment, youth capacity building and youth participation within the already existing European Clubs of Baku. The main objective of the project is to increase understanding of European values among the students of universities through different non-formal activities designed by the group of international and local volunteers and to ensure successful achievement of the project objectives EVS volunteer with the local team of volunteers will use different non-formal methodologies and activities addressing students of the universities. The project will take place in Youth Center of Baku.

Azerbaijan Students’ Union was formed on 15th September in 2008. The aim of the union is improving the role of the students in civil society. Azerbaijan Students Union unites all students in Azerbaijan irrespective of race, color, sex or religion. Union defends students’ educational, social, cultural and economic interests. Azerbaijan Students’ Union is a member of IAESTE in Azerbaijan.
The main aim of ASU is improving the role of the students in development of civil society. For gaining its aim Union realize these duties:
– To help students for their enlightening in different fields;
– To help students in increasing their activity for the development of civil society;
– To help students for their representation in the work of Higher Education Institutions;
– To strengthen international cooperation in student field;
– To prepare proposals and act for improving educational and social conditions of students;
– To reinforce activities about students employment service;
– Support students initiatives in different fields;
– Represent students in state, business and other organizations;
Generally we organize various projects related to student issues. These projects are supported by the Council of State Support to NGOs, the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan Republic, Open Society Institute Assistance Fund, Youth in Action programme and various business companies. We can mention project as: Creation of Student House, Propaganda of Students Rights in Azerbaijan, Establishment of Employment Service for Students, Youth Protects the Ecology and etc. Our regular activities include but not limited to: arrangement of training courses and workshops, youth exchanges, study visits, conferences, debates and forums, voluntary work camps for children and youth, promotion of volunteerism, gender equality, students right environmental protection. The main target groups are youth and children (students, volunteers, etc.). ASU is located in the Baku and there are around 10 staff members and 6 volunteers working full time. The main working staff of ASU consists of Chairperson, General Secretary, secretary on educational issues, secretary on social issues, secretary of public relations, secretary of international relations. Each secretary is coordinated by one secretary and they consist of different active students.

The main role of the volunteer will be to bring an added value to the work of the European Youth Clubs operating in the Youth Center of Baku. Moreover, it is expected form volunteers that her participation in the project will increase awareness of the young people about Europe and its main values.
The task of the volunteer will be :
-To facilitate the self-learning process of students regarding Europe and its values
-To contribute to the self –development and efficient organization of leisure time of young people
-To promote non-formal education methods in Youth Club
-To contribute to the intercultural learning impact of the project
Moreover, volunteers may initiate new projects addressed to the problems of young people.
The volunteers will be expected to work 5 hours a day -from Monday to Friday. Volunteers will have weekends free to themselves.

Application procedure (deadline: June, 20th, 2016) Candidates will be asked to send us a carefully prepared:

Curriculum Vitae (CV),
Motivation letter
Step 1: Send all documents to the following e-mail address: asu_azerbaijan@yahoo.com
Step 2: – We will provide Skype interview with the selected participants.



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