EVS vacancy in Poland for applicants from Italy and Georgia

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Location: Warsaw, Pland

Period:  15/08/2016 – 15/05/2017

Deadline: 30 June 2016

Since the beginning of the refugee crises in Europe, our organization received a large number of complaints from foreign people (including asylum-seekers/ refugees/ immigrants) who are living in Poland. Majority of them declare that experienced an aversion, acts of violence and different types of discrimination. The main reason of such situation is the lack of impartial information about asylum seekers/refugees/immigrants in polish social media, whipping up internal situation by official authority and a low level of intercultural dialogue in polish society.

There are three main project objectives:
Provide volunteers with an opportunity to learn methods of successful promotion of multiculturalism and develop their communication, critical thinking and social perceptiveness skills, that are crucial for the work with groups at risk of social exclusion.
Raise awareness and tolerance of polish society to asylum-seekers/refugees/immigrants and support intercultural dialogue.
Make a contribution to social inclusion of asylum-seekers/refugees/immigrants into Polish society.

Ocalenie Foundation is the non-governmental and non-profit organization that is working since 2000. In our activities, we support migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees in their integration and individual development in Poland. We advocate for intercultural dialogue and strengthening of the civil society. We aim to ensure that every individual can live a dignified life with a respect of his/her rights. To reach our goals, we consult foreigners on a wide range of issues and conduct workshops, language courses and trainings for various groups, including officials, NGOs, foreigners, volunteers, students, children and adolescents.

Volunteers’ activities:

-to organize various series of socio-cultural animations among local Polish community and immigrants/refugees/asylum seekers;

-to plan and make an intercultural dialogue through different form of activities;

-to produce of short documentary movies about asylum-seekers/refugees/immigrants’ life in Poland;

-movie-photo-making covering Warsaw’s ethnic and migrant diversity;

-to promote your cultural background among asylum-seekers/refugees/immigrants and local population;

Application process:

Any volunteer with a profile corresponding to our project will be considered provided they are available throughout the proposed period of 9 months. If you wish to apply, please send an email to evs@ocalenie.org.pl with your CV and motivation letter. Only for candidates from ITALY and GEORGIA aged 18 to 30 are eligible to apply for the volunteer program.

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