EVS vacancy in Italy for applicants from Croatia

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Location: Provincia di Caserta, Italy

Period: 15/09/2016 – 15/07/2017

Deadline: 25 June 2016

The Local Democracy Agency is looking for 2 volunteers from Croatia that will take part in the EVS project “Move it: sport animation for youth”.
The project “Move it” will take place in municipalities of Casapesenna, Casal di Principe and San Cipriano d’Aversa (Province of Caserta), with the main aim to realise specific actions of recovery and restitution to the local community of public sports areas that are in a state of abandon or were undergoing requalification interventions. The project will involve 4 volunteers, 2 from Spain and 2 from Croatia and it will last 10 month.

“Giosef Caserta – Youth Without Borders” is a youth organization founded in April 1999 with the aim of promoting youth mobility, non-formal education and active citizenship in Europe. To achieve these objectives and promote participation of new generations in the context of international politics, especially in Europe, the association promotes intercultural exchanges, youth initiatives, training courses, seminars, conferences, cooperation projects and development and other activities aimed at pursuing a social purpose.
Working for years in Europe with key community programs for young people (Youth in Action and Lifelong Learning Programme) able them to establish a solid network of associations, which in 2011, took the form of an informal network called InnoYouth, of which, Giosef – Caserta is the leader. InnoYouth’s main objective is the introduction of innovative tools in youth participation, the international mobility of young people and the promotion of European citizenship through paths of tolerance and acceptance of diversity.

Giosef Caserta is also part of the “Giosef – Youth Without Borders”, the Italian Network whose main body is Giosef – Italy. Today the network is present in 6 regions, both north and south of Italy. Giosef Caserta is deeply rooted in the province and works actively with public and private institutions in the field of youth policy. The association has created an extensive network of relationships with the Youth Forum for local activities and provides support and advice for planning for youth associations and informal groups.

The project activities promotes the creation of sporting animation paths, integrated with activities based on non-formal education with a purpose to create opportunities to young people to spend their free time in positive and constructive way, avoiding in this way deviant behaviours.

Application process:

STEP 1: Candidates will be asked to carefully prepare:
– Curriculum Vitae
– Motivation Letter –

STEP 2: Send all documents to the coordinating person of your sending organisation “Udruga Agencija Lokalne Demokracije – Local democracy Agency”.
Contact person: Tamara Miletić
Email: tamara@Lda-verteneglio.hr

The volunteers will be selected according to their motivation to work with GIOSEF, and according to the skills they have.

Info pack is avilable here: https://goo.gl/PgTB9d