6 EVS vacancies in Italy

Activity period: 01-10-2016 until 25-09-2017Italy EVS vacancy Find EVS 2
Title of EVS Project: A climate for Youngsters
Status: Project is approved from Italian National Agency
Number of Volunteers: 2 volunteers (from Cyprus and France)

Activity period: 05-01-2017 until 04-01-2018
Title of EVS Project: Be Globally Local: Erasmus+ inside our land
Status: Waiting for result
Number of Volunteers: 4 volunteers (from Spain, Belarus, Croatia, Latvia)

Deadline: 25 July 2016

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

Legambiente is one of the most important environmental organization in Italy. It was
born in 1980 thanks to the first experience of ecological informal that were raised in the
middle 70′.

Legambiente Prato, local group was born in the middle 80′. Since then it has outreached many goals. Promotion of healthy life styles, Environmental education, local and international volunteerism, sustainable development especially connected to the improvement of eco-touristic routes in local green areas are important tasks constantly carried out by our organization.
Legambiente Prato and Erasmus+: Since the European programme: Youth in Action, Legambiente Prato was one of the first local groups in Italy to pursuit projects among the European Volunteering Service (EVS) action. From 2007 until now Legambiente Prato has hosted more then 40 EVS volunteers from different countries.
We sent more then 25 volunteers to other partner organizations all over Europe. We have a strong and proofed experience in managing all the steps of a EVS project.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

1) Laboratories for young students on Animal and Biodiversity contents: Nesting and Homing of Animals, Animal’s footprints, Water and Energy Experiments.
2) Outdoor activities: Hiking in the natural protected areas of Prato. Our province has one of the largest extension of green areas in Italy. Legambiente Prato wants to promote the culture of environment by involving students and citizenship to visit these heritage that are under their eyes.
4) Environmental Education in the provincial Natural Reserve of Acquerino Cantagallo where Legambiente Prato manage the Mountain Hut Rifugio Le Cave

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

We are waiting for your CV and Motivation letter at evs@legambienteprato.it

You can find more details in our website on the following link: http://www.legambienteprato.it/index.php/evs-projects-2016_17/