EVS Vacancy in Italy for Hungarians

Italy EVS vacancy Find EVS 1Venue: Villacidro, Sardinia, Italy
Duration of the project: 9 months
The project is already approved!
Period:  November 2016 – July 2017
Deadline: 30  June 2016
Send your English cv and motivation letter to teis.evs@gmail.com e-mail address!

The activities of the Social Service of the City of Villacidro where volunteers can be inserted are different and offer various opportunities for learning and personal development.

In particular:
SERVICES FOR YOUTH. Volunteers will gain specific skills related to the ability to plan, activate and update a youth information space. Each volunteer will in fact be involved in the activities of the “Informagiovani of Villacidro” in charge of assessing the demand and supply of labor for the local students; providing information and guidance to the choices of study / education paths; collecting information on scholarships, postgraduate courses and further education, professional courses, study, work and volunteering abroad opportunities. The volunteers will be given the chance to make their proposals on the basis of their specific cultural background, their interests and their skills, in order to enrich the range of initiatives carried out from the informagiovani, helping to transform it from a “on demand” service to something active with more opportunities for cultural growth and youth participation.
SERVICES FOR THE ELDERLY. Volunteers will support the animators of the home for the elderly. The people living in it have different health situations and, above all, have different personal stories. The volunteers will be involved in the activities of collective animation. It offers, to those who want it, the chance to work in laboratories for creating objects with poor materials, to make educational activities
of different nature involving small groups of elders. Sometimes we will need to take care of more personal specific needs and therefore to support a senior who may have the need to go for a walk, talk, or simply to be heard. The hospice has already hosted foreign volunteers and considers essential the contribution of new techniques and new ideas. Proposals that will be compatible with the elder’s needs will be well received.
SERVICES FOR KIDS. Volunteers, in agreement with the school management of Villacidro will implement specific activities of “intercultural encounter” addressed to the students. They could also plan, in agreement with the team of Social Services, the specific activity of their initiative that will take place, on a weekly or biweekly, at the public library, the multimedia library or in collaboration with the Municipal Music School. Volunteers will be involved in the activity for a time of about 30 hours a week with the availability of free weekend, except for rare previously agreed exceptions in case of specific events and which will be of course balanced by free weekdays afterwards.