Urgent! EVS Vacancies in Portugal for Spanish, Lithuanian and Greek volunteers

Location: Faro, PortugalPortugal EVS vacancy Find EVS

Period: 1/10/2016 – 30/09/2017

Deadline: 24 June 2016

The overall EVS project – Activating Youth – it’s an idea of involving organisations with different backgrounds and themes, within the area of Faro, where the volunteers will be offering their voluntary service but at the same time, having joint activities throughout their voluntary service in order to promote the capacity building of organisations working with youth and informing and promoting mobility, learning, voluntary and training opportunities to the local youth.
At the moment, we are looking for volunteers for:
 2 EVS activities hosted by ECOS – Cooperativa de Educação, Cooperação e Desenvolvimento
 1 EVS activity hosted by Centro Ciência Viva do Algarve (CCVAlg) – an Interactive Science Museum located in Faro

Activities of the volunteers:

-Creation of spaces for structured dialogue, cooperation and collective
construction among different actors, such as, social, business and institutional
• Promotion, design, implementation and evaluation of playful, educational, social,
cultural and sustainable development projects, in formal and non-formal spaces,
through non-formal education, always in a way that it complements formal
education and contributes to life-long learning.
• Monitoring, support, assessment and consultancy to individuals, organisations,
institutions and respective educational programmes and social intervention
• Promotion, recognition and validation of non-formal education and other
alternative pedagogical methodologies that contribute to social transformation.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

Volunteer applicants should apply to  ecos.centro@gmail.com

More details: AY7_EVS_Call_Volunteers_Faro Portugal_FINAL