EVS vacancy in Russia

EVS Vacacny Find EVS 1Samara Jewish kindergarten Makkabi-Lauder

Location: Samara, Russia

Period: 01/02/2017 – 31/08/2017

Deadline: 8 September 2016

Centre of voluntary movement “Lastochki” is looking for 1 volunteer for the project “Samara Jewish kindergarten Makkabi-Lauder” in Samara, Russia

We actually need ASAP applications!

Makkabi is a Samara Jewish cultural center. The kindergarten is a part of the organisation. It was opened in 1995 supported by the Samara city administration and the American Jewish committee called Joint. The educational program is supported by the international fund Lauder. In the beginning this project was planned as an experimental ground. The aim of the experiment is fixed as the following: “Educational conditions for creation of national identity and tolerance in the institutions with a national component.” The kindergarten hosts more 70 children. The children are educated according to the program approved by the government of Russian Federation. In addition they get to know the history and traditions of Jewish people, learn Hebrew. The language classes are given in the form of games, songs, poems and theatre. The Makkabi children participate in the international kids festivals and represent Jewish culture. The kindergarten hosts a big library. One may find more than 4000 books about Jewish culture there. Moreover Makkabi offers the classes of Hebrew to the parents. These classes are open not only for the Jews. Every person who wishes to study Hebrew and also to know something about Jewish culture, religion and philosophy may join the course.Main themes for the Activities are children and art and culture.

The activity will take place in the city of Samara. Here’s some information about it:
Samara is one of the largest Russian cities; its history is closely interwoven with the entire history of the Russian State.
Samara in the late 20th century is one of the foremost industrial centers of Russia with highly developed aerospace, automobile, engineering, oil-processing and light industries.
Samara occupies the territory of 53’600 sq. km and lies 1’000 km to the south-east from Moscow. Population – 1’219’000 people.
Samara has a good geographical position and rich soil. That is why the region has a well-developed agriculture and food industry, meat and dairy production in particular.
Samara, in its older section, has preserved the general style of building from the late 19th to early 20th century, making it an architectural “open-air” museum.
Samara has deep-routed cultural traditions. Its past and present preserve the names of famous writers, artists, musicians and actors.
Samara is a city of active political life: it was an arena for uprisings and revolutions and a temporary capital of the USSR during World War II.
Samara is a place of peaceful coexistence for different peoples and religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism + Catholic and Lutheran communities). There are different ethnical groups presented: Jewish, Armenian, Georgian, Chechnya, Chuvash, Mordva, German, Czech, Polish, and many other communities. Together they are creating the good atmosphere for regional development, sharing their cultures and traditions and enriching the spirit of the city together with good economic trade partnership.
Samara is situated in a very picturesque locality on the river Volga, near the Zhiguli mountains surrounded by boundless steppes, numerous lakes and fertile pastures. People are proud if their National Reserve situated on the opposite bank of the river Volga. In summer time people usually go trekking in the mountains, in winter they have a good possibility to have the unique skiing facilities.
The Volga embankment is a good place to walk around, to bath and just visit the numerous cafes.
There are a lot of culture and sport facilities in the city. There’s an opera house and a lot of drama theatres that provide the possibility for the culture development and learning Russian language and famous Russian theater and ballet traditions.
Sport facilities are presented by several swimming pools and a lot of fitness clubs which have discounts for young people.
The kindergarten is situated in the center of the city. There are many possibilities of public transport.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

This particular projects gives an opportunity for the EVS volunteers to learn a lot about their hosting country mutilculture, traditions, way of life and to share their own instead.
By investigating new approaches to work with children without knowing the language perfectly and being the representative of another culture, the volunteers may open some features that they have never known about themselves. On the other hand they would learn about their home culture by comparing it to the Russian one.
EVS volunteers will participate in general activities of the kindergarten Makkabi:
– Involvement in day to day activities of the kindergarten on organisation of children care (75%)
– Involvement in preparation and organisation of regular events, run by the kindergarten: traditional jewish fests, regular cultural events for parents, theater and concerts for children, etc. (25%)
Volunteers schedule will be:
Monday – Friday from 8.00 to 16.00
Saturday – Sunday days off
Public holidays days off

Volunteers will be mainly visiting the families of the children and communicating with them. Depending on the age of a child, the volunteer may be doing different activities:
– Assistance to the staff during the day, looking after the children during inside and outside doors,
– Creation of language and cultural workshops,
– Participation in games and competitions,
– Participation in music shows, theatre and literature workshops,
– Assistance to staff to clean the rooms, dishes, toys, to dress children and organise meals for children.

Moreover the volunteers could be asked to contribute to the project by initiating any kind of activity together with children.

The volunteer will surely obtain very practical skills like taking care of children, assisting during meals and walks, organizing day-to-day activities for them. Routine work with youngsters will teach the volunteer to be tolerant and patient, attentive and responsible.
The volunteer will have a chance to get to know the traditions of Jewish people in Samara, to attend traditional fests and even to learn Hebrew together with children and parents.
The volunteer will have an opportunity to share his/her experiences and impressions with other volunteers during regular meeting, when preparing a traditional film about volunteers in Samara, during “information meetings” with local young volunteers.
At the end of the project the volunteer will have an opportunity to fill in the Youthpass. Lastochki will provide him/her with all information and assist the volunteer on request.

If you are interested in participating in this EVS please send your application to icye.russia@gmail.com.