EVS vacancy in Lithuania

Media 4 Change Approved EVS project starting soon

Location: Lithuania

Period: September 2016 – August 2017

Deadline: 10 July 2016

This is a fantastic opportunity for young journalists from EU (priority given to UK and German applicants) countries contribute to the social change and to carry out a period of full time international voluntary service in Lithuania. The call is open to all young people age 18-30. 

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

Media4change is a powerful movement for highest standards in journalism. Our slogan “Journalism – the Home of Human Rights” means that there are journalists who discover space for journalism ethics and human rights in their works.

We are carrying out journalistic investigations on the issues of human rights, equality and diversity, and working on joint projects with editors and human rights experts. We not only discuss with professionals and experts on what is important, but also we create — one of our main goals is, together with independent journalists and editors, to examine problems that are outside of the media agenda. We believe that the cooperation between NGOs, media and experts is the key to a better representation of socially vulnerable groups.

Moreover, in the nearest future we will establish Media Development Centre, which will be safe place and methodologies center for journalists from neighboring countries: Ukraine, Belarus, etc.

Project environment

Media4Change program administrates National Institute for Social Integration. This NGO is located in the biggest city of Lithuania, its capital Vilnius which population now is more than 0,5 million. The city, situated at the confluence of the rivers Neris and Vilnia, received the status of capital city in 1323, when Gediminas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, in his letters addressed to West European merchants and craftsmen, invited them to settle ‘in Vilnius, the capital city’. Vilnius is the largest city and the biggest economical and political center of Lithuania. Vilnius occupies an area of 392 square kilometers, of which only one fifth is developed and the remainder is green belt and water. For this reason, Vilnius is often referred to as one of the ‘greenest’ capital cities in Europe. The historical center of Vilnius, the Old Town, is one of the largest old town centers in Eastern Europe (covering almost 360 hectares) and contains the most valuable historical and cultural heritage of the city. The Old Town buildings (approx. 1500 buildings) date back to different centuries. The main highlights of the capital city of Lithuania are the Gediminas Castle Tower and the Cathedral Square. Due to its unique historical and architectural features, the Old Town of Vilnius was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994. Vilnius is also the biggest administrative center of Lithuania. It is a home to the most important governmental, political, economic, social and political institutions of the country.

The office of the NSII is situated in a very heart of Vilnius city (Gediminas pr. 21) so it is very easy and comfortable to reach it from any part of the city. The staff of NSII is ready to share and provide the contacts of the organization and other materials which could be useful for the volunteer to accomplish his/her tasks/activities.

Moreover NSII is also a coordinator of the ‘NGO Beehive’ (lt. “NVO Avilys”) – open co-working space for social and civic NGOs, NGYOs and Startups, Social Innovators (currently there are around 20 organizations under one roof of ‘NGO Beehive’ at the moment). This brings the opportunity for volunteer to co-work with various mostly young people who are working on different innovative and socially useful ideas. All of those who are under the roof of ‘NGO Beehive’ (including NSII) are sharing common kitchen, bathroom, meeting room, and also a shower. Each week different organization is taking care for tidying up the kitchen (the rest of the office is cleaned by housekeeper twice a week). Almost all the people in ‘NGO Beehive’ speak in English so there will not be any communication problems between them and EVS volunteers.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch by emailing info@media4change.co

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

The activities in which volunteer could be involved:

  • Coordinating open co-working Media Development center for journalistic activities in Lithuania;
  • Coordinating and managing of the virtual platform for organizations and journalists cooperation, consultation, journalistic investigation, publication.
  • Participating in national and international training course for journalists;
  • Making press releases in English and spreading it;
  • Contributing to the international journalistic campaign, which analyses the roots of intolerant attitudes and behavior and promotes public consciousness.
  • Contributing to support and consultation process for journalists after training course.
  • Researching the impact of the trainings for journalists: making questionnaires, analyzing and summarizing results and making recommendations for the improvement.
  • Developing contact list of institutions and organizations related with ethical journalism;
  • Digital and social media campaigns activities.

The activities the volunteers could create in “Media 4 Change” :

  • Create comfortable, safe and attractive place for journalists from different countries in Media Development center;
  • Coordinate and administrate virtual platform for journalistic investigation and cooperation among the organizations, journalists, consultants (EN version).

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

It is expected to host volunteer, who:

  • Is 18-30 years old;
  • Excellent written English skills. Because English language will be one of the tools of activity;
  • Has the attitudes and values of human rights;
  • Has motivation to work with antiracism campaign.
  • Is interested in social communications, journalism, and advocacy.
  • Is interested to work in civil society organizations in developing advocacy strategies and media activities;
  • Has analytical and organizational skills;
  • Motivation to communicate clearly and effectively with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds;

It is also preferable if the volunteer:

  • Has up-to-date knowledge of digital and social media and their use by human rights activists, including knowledge of key organizations and networks active in the field of digital and social media;
  • Is flexible and communicative.
  • Would like to edit websites, create videos, logos, banners, posters, etc.

If you are interest in participating in this project write to us at info@media4change.co