Urgent! EVS vacancy in Turkey for 2 Croatian volunteers

Short term EVS vacancy Find EVSLook At The World Through Third Eye

Location: Mersin, Turkey

Period: 28/07/2016 – 24/09/2016

Deadline: 15 July 2016

Turkish NGO TEAM is looking for two Croatian volunteers to help sea turtles in Mersin, Turkey through organizing cleaning actions on beach and protecting the baby sea turtles from predators on their way to the sea.

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

Third Eye Education and Youth Association of Mediterranean -TEAM is situated in Kazanlı – Mersin – Turkey. TEAM was founded in 2009 in order to protect the wild and natural life with the local community and youth in and around Mersin. We care especially for the Sea-Turtles (Caretta-Caretta and Chelonia Mydas) which leave their eggs on the coast of Kazanlı-Mersin and are under the risk of extinction. We act as an EVS coordinating organisation in Mersin (sending and hosting volunteers), give training course to youth, build up awareness and European citizenship by volunteering. Our organization is promoting inter-national and inter-cultural values, also youth initiatives and projects in the local community.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

The volunteer will be placed in the primary structure of Third Eye Association of Mediterranean (TEAM) and partner associations. She/He will participate in training courses, projects, camps, debates, cultural events and civic education. The objectives of the activity are:

-to clean the beaches in Mersin area where is the nesting area for the sea turtles (main activity)
-to reduce discrimination and raise voluntarism awareness in local community by performing a multinational project with environment
-to give a framework for personal development and inter cultural learning-by working and living within a team of different EVS volunteers
-to give to the volunteer a chance of initiative, creativity, and taking responsibilities in a multinational team
-to offer an alternative way of life and non-formal education (“place of reflection, action and experimentation”)
-to experiment a large scale of “concrete ” activities in the field of our manual and social project to stimulate self-confidence, autonomy and give a chance for new positive experiences.
-to raise European awareness and active citizenship by putting solidarity in concrete actions
-to learn to live together with other volunteers in the same apartment, with respect and tolerance towards the others and responsibility and autonomy for the common duties (cleaning, cooking etc.)
-to get new personal skills (art, language, organisation etc.)

The volunteer will participate in projects and activities like going outside with the students and volunteers, assist the organization on various festivals and activities, participate in national festivals, presenting the organization, and the culture.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

Please send your CV and Motivational letter until 15th of July to marieta@argonauta.hr.

We need ASAP applications. Croatian volunteers ONLY.