EVS vacancy in Italy for Spanish volunteer

Italy EVS vacancy Find EVS 1EVS vacancies in ITALY for Spanish volunteers or the ones living in Spain

Location: Bologna, Italy

Period: 01/10/2016 – 01/08/2017

Deadline: 10 August 2016

E-VolunteerS 2.0 is a European Voluntary Service project under the framework of Erasmus+ Key Action 1 , mobility of youth. It will be held by the Italian organization Scambieuropei with the main activities taking place in Bologna. The sending organization is Asociacion Mundus from Badalona, Spain.

The main topic of the project is related with ICT, web 2.0 and media, linked to the awareness on European opportunities for mobility, boosting the employability of youth. The objectives of the project are:
– obtain young EVS volunteers with advanced media skills, using digital tools, social network and web 2.0 application for several social purposes and campaigning
– gaining new competences in EU initiatives, tools for employment, programs and fundings for international cooperation and promotion of youth opportunities
– increase active participation of young people in a matter of building consciousness on their own life paths and in their own communities, through online interactions, sharing experiences and expertise gained by non-formal learning activities
– promoting the sharing of mobility experiences and high use of media and digital tools, combating the digital divide in Europe with a special youth-to-youth approach, thanks to blogging and social media communication
– develop job-related skills and sense of initiative related with digital competences for a better future employability and networking, thanks to the intercultural teamwork
– promote Erasmus+ programme, focusing on European Voluntary Service as key experience for sharing best practices, participating to youth youth work system and boosting entrepreneurship
This project will have a very interesting impact on the target group as well, since it promotes a youth-friendly approach in order to spread opportunities and mobility experience for young people, hoping to raise employability and engagement of young inactive people.

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

Hosting organization: Scambieuropei
Information about the organization: https://prezi.com/lbfkwfp1c2d5/copy-of-scambieuropei-formal-presentation-eng/

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

We expected to have 2 volunteers aged 18-30, better if between 18-24, unemployed or coming from urban deprived areas, which feel the need to have an international long-term experience in order to develop themselves and their future careers. We would like them to be open towards other cultures, positive, communicative, interested in media and digital world.
Our ideal volunteer should be dynamic, positive, curious, ready to learn, interested in media and in the youth field.
Young people with skills in photo and video-making are very well welcome!
The task proposed to the volunteers are the following ones:
– search, selection and promotion of youth opportunities (volunteering, work camp, Erasmus+, Erasmus for young entrepreneurs, Youth Guarantee, Master degrees, grants…) on social network and Scambieuropei website, through video-making.
– promoting Erasmus+ and EVS through media contents and specific open events; possibility to co-run workshops during project and pre-departure training cycle.
– co-managing an EVS blog where our sending volunteers can share their experience; this is going to be a very peer-to-peer approach to raise the visibility of the program
– take part in local events and projects organized with our partners, such as Betty and Books, Oltre and Students organizations
– support other young people that would like to have an experience abroad, through information and sharing of their own experiences
Volunteers will develop themselves, learn a new language, get involved with a different culture, get to know EU opportunities and the importance of volunteering, empower themselves focusing on the acquisition of digital skills.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

Contact: evs@scambieuropei.com