EVS vacancy in Slovenia

FLUX ZONE UNITY – Theater projectsEVS

Location: Trbovlje Slovenia

Period: 01/02/2017 – 30/10/2017

Deadline: 9 September 2016

Flux is a state of constant flow, change, movement and passage. With this project we want to redirect the flow of today’s society in to unity and understanding.

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

Flux is a state of constant flow, change, movement and passage. Young people are in a constant state of learning, growing and acceptance, whit this project we want to create a creative space (with no real boundaries) where the flow of acceptance and unity is available to everyone no matter the race, sex or religious beliefs.
With this future EVS project we want to work on social inclusion in our regional community trough the usage of creative tools, like theater, art, video, gverilla actions and new media art.
This project involves three organizations:
*Youth center of Trbovlje ( as the carrier of the project )
* Cultural institution- Delavski dom Trbovlje- DDT- ( as the hosting organization)
*Theater group KD Svoboda ( as the hosting organization)

This OPEN CALL is for the EVS possition in the THEATER group KD “SVOBODA” Trbovlje

KD Svoboda Trbovlje is cultural association, including more than 100 people, who love to sing, play music and act in an amateur theatre.
It is a nonprofitable organization and it is based on the voluntary work. Our association has four different sections – theatre, a choir, a vocal group and a music group. It is lead by a president with his management board, where presidents of different sections are deciding on the overall decisions.
Last year the association and the building where we work celebrated 90th anniversary, long-lasting tradition are shared also by individual sections, for example, theatre group is continuously working for more than 50 years. It usually contributes with three to four premiers per season and it is participating in more than 50 different event in Trbovlje and it’s surroundings.
Members of association are of very different age and of diverse education. Things we, members, have in common are love for art, passion to express ourselves through culture, working in team, meeting new people, learn new things, nonetheless have a good and quality free time.
Our mission is to share cultural ideas with concerts and performances to wider specter of people, to attract different cultural association from across the country, to share knowledge, to work with children and youngsters and to help them build up their personality and to help them gain knowledge and skills to live happy and successful life.


Someone who is open minded, loves theater and movement. A creative person who believes that trough theater we can adress important issues to the public.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

* creating theater plays with the local youngsters
* developing street promotion and steet theater
* creating costumes and scenography for plays
*Work on the topic of tolarance trough theater .

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

Send a CV and a motivation letter to: