EVS vacancy in Belgium

Integration with disabled people in l’Arche BruxellesEVS Vacacny Find EVS 1

Location: BRUXELLES, Belgium

Period: 09/01/2017 – 29/12/2017

Deadline: 26 August 2016

l’Arche Bruxelles organization is looking for 1 reliable and motivated volunteer to work on integration with disabled people in Bruxelles, Belgium through sharing the daily life with disabled, organizing free time activities.

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

L’Arche is an international federation. In every community of l’ Arche, people with and without learning disabilities live and work together.
The small houses are based on a family like-atmosphere, where the adult disabled persons, professionals and volunteers from all backgrounds, are working and living together.
Most of the disabled persons go to the day center, where activities like craft-work, occupational therapies or services to the larger society, are offered.

L’Arche wishes to build up bridges between all kind of differences; persons with learning disabilities help us sometimes to understand that vulnerability is a mean to unify.
Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

• Live and share the daily life with disabled people in the houses or and in the day center.
• Work with the disabled people rather than work for them.
• Create a mutual relationship of trust and confidence
• Organize and animate activities with the support of professional teams

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

If you are interested in joining the Arche project and our community, please send us your CV and cover letter, to the human resources: Jean-Pierre Aussems at the following address: volontaires@archebxl.org or EVS coordinator in sending organization “A.C.Patria” Indrė Samytė est.patria@gmail.com . After that, we will ask you to complete an application and making Skype meeting.