EVS vacancy in Poland

Poland call EVS project active vacancy Find EvsEVS vacancy in Poland for Spanish, Italian and Macedonian Volunteers!

Location: Oława, near Wrocław, Poland

Period: 01/09/2016 – 31/08/2017

Deadline: 21 August 2016

Semper Avanti Association from Poland is looking for Volunteers to work in Youth Centers!

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

Being a City Council we work for the local community. Between the boundaries of our city we are responsible for the activity of three youth centers the aim of which is the elicitation of children and teenagers as well as the prevention of their social exclusion.

To our children/teenagers we offer such activities as:
– helping with homework
– teaching English as a foreign language
– photographic workshops
– art workshops
– dance workshops
– sociotherapy
– various sport activities

Despite having a wide variety of workshops to choose from, children can also play billiards, table tennis, table football and lots of different board or card games. Moreover, we also offer a wide range of activities depending on the season, e.g. Christmas Eve and Easter, barbecue in the summertime, cycling, walking and sometimes swimming in our city pool. All these activities help bring the youth we work with together and break their social barriers.
In each youth club work two educators who are mainly psychologists and social workers. People who hold these occupations deal with the target group of the youth centers which are the children and teenagers aged from 7 to 20 years old. The youth often come from broken families or are raised in a difficult social background.

Our organization is focused on the town of Oława. Oława is well-infrastructured town, distanced 26 km from Wroclaw, connected with the last one by a lot of trains and buses.
The town Oława and Oława district are relatively economically well-developed. Only over the last ten years’ significant number of big enterprises have been founded with economic-privileged zones. There is a lot of young active citizens in Oława.
As far as the project is concerned, we predict significant and active participation of the local population representing local societies.
Volunteers will be accommodated in Wroclaw or Oława in rented flats or student houses/dormitories.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

The stay of young foreign volunteers at our place will undoubtedly enrich our region and local community with new, interesting intercultural experiences and skills and will bring lots of benefits to the local society, which we work for. We have noticed that such a face to face contact with various cultures is a priceless experience for local society educating them and widening their horizons as well. Not only will EVS projects in our local community be a very valuable experience for young people, but also for older people, as well as different age groups in our region.

Young volunteers will also help our organization greatly. We need daily opportunities to share experiences with young people representing other nations, countries and cultures. It is vital for us to exchange experiences, opinions, thoughts, suggestions. Working with foreign volunteers will allow us to gain a lot of new experiences, as well as broaden the horizons of our actions.
We believe that the stay of EVS volunteers in our organization will also be a very good experience for the volunteers themselves. It will undoubtedly allow them to learn new skills, improve their personal capabilities, get to know Polish culture and gain new experiences. We would like the stay to be a great time for volunteers, during which they will learn a lot.

There are many activities taken by our staff, members and volunteers in our youth clubs as well as outside them, which creates a wide range of activities that could be proposed to a volunteer. We will show what the youth centers and how it works in Poland.

The tasks we can offer to volunteers:
– working with children and teenagers in youth centers;
– planning and organizing events in our youth center (giving presentations about the culture and customs typical for the volunteers’ native countries, themed cuisine evenings, engaging teenagers to spend holiday typical for the volunteers together, concerts, festivals in co-operation with SLOT art festival etc.);
– co-operation in organizing different actions and projects;
– participating in promotion of voluntary service, creating ideas;
– preparing and organizing interactive cultural-educational presentations about culture of volunteer’s origin country, targeted at the local society including the youth and aged population (for example: national and folk songs, multimedia presentation, poem-reading, cabaret show, short shows with the use of national motives, knowledge competition, folk dance show etc.);
– creating promotional materials, multimedia, stands, talking with young people about being volunteer etc;
– giving trainings to local volunteers, helping them to work with different people, showing how important it is to give them volunteer support (e.g. foreign languages, different trainings for kids or teenagers etc.);
– organizing discussions about important values and issues (civil society, freedom of speech, democracy, youth participation, intercultural activities, self-governance etc.) for local youth organizations, local activists, journalists, local authorities, self-government representatives;
– organizing inter-generational events in the local society;
– participating in meetings of organization’s staff and volunteers, proposing new ideas and conceptions, expressing views and opinions about our activities, support in making decisions about organizational issues;
– leading “wall newspapers” about the project in youth centers;
– spreading results of volunteer’s work (visibility and promotion of the EVS project in the local area and whole Poland and Europe as well);
– supporting organization in projects and everyday work.

Volunteers can learn/improve skills:
– team work;
– working with kids and teenagers
– time management;
– creativity and self-reliance;
– public speaking;
– learning and understanding of Polish culture and mentality;
– language and communication skills;
– self-confidence in unexpected or new situations;
– organizational skills (organizing different events);
– inter-generational communication skills;
– tolerance and respect for other cultures and the understanding of diversity;
– practical knowledge about activities of non-governmental organizations and participation in their projects;
– promotion, creating image of organisation;
– understanding of role of volunteers in nowadays and future Europe;
– implementation of projects financed by different institutions.

The volunteers will conduct the work for the benefit of local society, among which they will live in Oława and nearby. The tasks are to be fitted to profiles of volunteers and will reflect their individual capabilities, needs and expectations tied with their learning process. Each of volunteers receives respectively individual support from the side of coordinator, mentor, and other people involved in the project possessing respective competencies. The representatives of the local society – residents of Wrocław, Oława and rural areas are expected to be the direct source of assistance and support for volunteers. Regular working meetings with coordinator and mentor are to take place.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

CV and Motivation Letter send to jksemperavanti@gmail.com