EVS vacancy in Poland for Czech and Croatian volunteers

call EVS project active vacancy in Poland Find Evs“EVS Library” (for Croatian volunteers only)

Location: Wroclaw, Poland

Period: 13/11/2016 – 13/04/2017

Deadline: 31 October 2016

Our project “Library” will start from 13st November 2016 until 13 April 2017 in Wrocław. The participants of the project will be two volunteers, one from the Czech Republic and one from Croatia. The project aims to promote reading and library activities among young people through social media but also direct contact. Volunteers will take part in all events organized by Mediateka Library in Wroclaw – including Living Library, Parallel Zero. During his work they will also participate in the activities of two important projects Language Cafe and Dialogue Cafe and they will be given the opportunity to test themselves in the role of photographers and their photos and articles will be published on the blog. For the project we are looking for young people interested in books and culture. People who can think creatively and easily establish contacts. We require a willingness to work and ideas how to popularize reading among young people.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

Working in Mediateka doesn’t mean only contact with a book, it is also promoting reading in a funny and creative way, and library activities through social media. Commitment of 9-person team and its unconventional approach to work will certainly encourage volunteers to work together and develop their interests and skills. New volunteers will focus on actively engaging in Mediateka’s world and the life of a local community. We are looking for people interested in what is happening in culture and art, appreciating places such as a library. Volunteers who will be able to indulge in passion of taking pictures and conducting Instagram account. To show Mediateka from a part whose readers had not managed yet to meet. To have a reporter’s eye and look at the cultural Wroclaw and share their insights on the special blog. Volunteers will be engaged in conducting multicultural Language Cafe conversation with people who want to improve language skills.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

Send CV and motivation letter to volunteers@oazainfo.hr. With shortlisted candidates Skype interview will be organised.