EVS vacancy in Cyprus for Italian volunteer

“Nature Success Stories” EVS project for Italian Volunteers in Cypruscyprus-evs-vacancy-find-evs

Location: Agia Varvara, Cyprus

Period: 15/02/2017 – 15/06/2017

Deadline: 31 December 2016

Almayras NGO is looking for 1 (or 2) Italian volunteers for a 4 moth EVS project. The main objective is to promote environmental awareness at an early age, showing students which actions they can take to protect the natural environment and promote the importance of biodiversity. Also, we want to give the opportunity to the youngsters to meet their natural environment and give value to the fact that living in a rural area is not a disadvantage but can offer an excellent life quality.

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

The aim of the workshop is to deal with cultural and environmental issues at the wider regions of southern Nicosia and generally in the Cyprus countryside, and it is based in Ayia Varvara. Amyras’s members are farmers, educators, scientists, researchers, artists, authors, literary people, pupils, housewives, skilled people, who all share the same love towards culture and environment.

Almyras’ s main objectives are:
1.The promotion of the countryside, through several activities and events.
2. The recovery, collection, elaboration, promotion and strengthening of folklore, historical and traditional elements of the countryside.
3. The organization of several events which aim to inform its members, as well as the residents of the wider area.
4. To form a network of scientists, as well as of literate people and artists, so that they share their knowledge with the residents of the countryside and to promote creativity through different activities.
5. Research development in the fields of science, technology and the environment.
6. A powerful presence, by taking initiatives and participating in local, peripheral and international partnerships and programmes which are related to the subject of the activities of the workshop.
7. Participation in national and European programmes, with the possibility of visiting other European countries and meeting new cultures and people.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

The project’s activities include visits to schools (mainly primary schools and less at high schools and lyceums) and outdoor activities in the countryside. The volunteers will not only participate in the activities by assisting the educator/instructor but, they will also be in charge of preparing the activities, collect information on each topic using the internet or related books and prepare the equipment/stationary before each activity. During the first two weeks the volunteers will prepare the activities. For example they will travel around the area to witness the diversity of the nature, take pictures of plants and collect a few samples of them, plant some herbs in pots and find out which their traditional uses are, gather the essential material (e.g. recyclable objects, stationary) that will be used in the activities. For the following two months the volunteers will visit schools and implement the activities planned by the instructor. The project foresees to conduct at least two visits to local schools per week. Before the end of the project the volunteers will have to present and implement a day of activities targeting on a specific environmental issue.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

Please sent an email with:
– Your CV (possibly in the Europass format)
– A motivation letter

To: evs@cooperativamargherita.org (Sending Organization)