EVS Vacancy in Spain

EVS at Residential Care Centre in LorcaSpain EVS vacancy at find EVS

Location: Lorca, Spain

Period: 01/06/2017 – 31/05/2018

Deadline: 15 December 2016

The project aims to facilitate the inclusion of European youngsters in the city of Lorca by involving them in activities of support and motivation of elderly people in order to encourage their autonomy, values, development and learning to work with people, through daily coexistence in an institutionalized environment.

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

This is a Residential Care Center (Nursing Home) for the elderly, which aims to cater to all necessities of its users through custom integral attention. We want to increase the quality of life of these residents by promoting their independence and autonomy. Also, we want to facilitate the integration and coexistence in the center by favoring interactions with the environment. Finally, we aim to offer the residents a living space which is safe, accesible and adjusted to their needs.
1. Social and psychosocial attention. Social attention program which includes offering information, counseling, case monitoring, participation, social and family relationships. Psycho social activities/program. Psychological care and maintenance of cognitive functions. Socio-cultural animation. Program for promoting personal autonomy.
2. Healthcare. Personal care plan for ADL. Prevention programs and promotion of healthy living. Continued medical and nurse care. Physiotherapy program which activities for immobility prevention and treatment of prevalent diseases. Occupational therapy program.
3. Guidance, management and administration of the residency. Leadership and supervisions of management systems and improvement of the asistencial quality of the residency, including outside relationships. Building, training and follow-up of the professional teams. Guarantee of the protection of data and personal history of users, in all formats

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

Volunteer will join one of the following programmes that we are running.

1) Reading club
The activity is proposed by the (Concejalía del Mayor del Excelentísimo Ayuntamiento de Lorca) Department of the Mayor of the City Council of Lorca and supported and hosted by the Municipal Public Library. Reading for a lot of older people is a mental exercise with numerous benefits for individual and group level to increase cognitive reserve in the brain and help to reduce the foreseeable increase in cases of dementia(insanity) in our country, sort the ideas, interrelate concepts, therefore enhance concentration and empathy.
2) Handmade Workshop
This activity is aimed to stimulate sensory, mental and motor skills through various artistic techniques. It works on two levels: first, it is a way of individual expression and secondly, a way of communication, expression and outgoing to a dialogue.
In these kind of activities we could include different types of techniques which combine the physical contact with the materials, the imagination and the color. It can be workshops like:
– Painting. In this workshop is important to let free the imagination of the participants and let them choose what technique they want to use.
– Drawing. It will be carried out using: colored pencils, crayons, markers … The topic of the drawing will be given either by choosing a theme on which to make the drawing or free drawing.
– Collage. The technique consist in cutting and gluing paper on a surface to shape and after it can be also painted.
3) Press Workshop
The aim of this workshop is to promote and / or maintain communication between the participants and the professional manager (psychologist); him/her being the moderator. The activity consist in reading the press (local, regional, national and international), make comments and discus about them and express the point of view of each participant. With the same methodology, they will write a newspaper, which will contain contributions from the participants about the various activities that they will do, such as trips, excursions, etc.

4) Theater Workshop
Firstly, this workshop includes writing plays of different thematics, adjusting to the characteristics of the participants and depending on the time of the year. Secondly, after they have developed the theater play, they will act it and invite all the participants and friends to watch it. The activity can stimulate mental and group relationship skills.
5) Emotional intelligence Workshops
In this workshop the participants will learn more about emotions, how to recognize the emotions of other people and manage, accept and express their own emotions. This will be made through reading, listening music or visualizing images and finally, working in group debates where the participants can express, learn and manage their emotions.
6) Functional stimulation Workshop
The activities developed by the physiotherapist will aim to obtain maximum functionality and correction of motion and balance (good coordination) of the participants in performing activities of daily living (AVD); which ultimately promotes the independence of the individual.
Among the activities that will be developed is the gerontogimnasia, which on the one hand is composed of relaxation techniques and breathing; and on the other hand is made of music therapy in which music is used as a therapeutic tool (rhythm, sound, music, singing …) and it is directed to provide adequate sensory stimulation to improve the psycho-emotional state while enhancing the relational dimension.
In the case of residents with a high degree of dependence, the physical therapist will perform a functional recovery bedridden.
7) Cognitive stimulation Workshop
This workshop is intended to encourage and train the various mental abilities (perception, attention, memory, language and thoughts) of the participants to prevent, intervene or rehabilitate a cognitive deterioration. There will be established several groups according to the cognitive deterioration of each.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

All interested please follow this link to apply: http://tinyurl.com/EVSLORCA (the deadline for applications is 15/12/2016)

This EVS Project is coordinated by Cazalla Intercultural, if you need any further information please contact tea(at)cazalla-intercultural.org