EVS vacancy in Lithuania

Long-term volunteering at Open Youth Center “Vartai”lithuania-evs-vacancy-find-evs-1

Location: Kaunas, Lithuania

Period: 02/10/2017 – 31/08/2018

Deadline: 22 December 2016

If you are 24-30 years old and you are interested to spend time and to learn ways to support young people (15-18 years old) in their youth difficulties, if you care about young people and you wish to support constructive behavior, to build trustful relationship with young people, if you are open to accept and appreciate different personalities, please apply to us – jcvartai@yahoo.com. It would be super cool if you master one of the musical instruments or any other arts, it would help you to find your unique place in the center and hearts of youngsters 🙂

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

Youth centre “Vartai” suggests open evenings on Tuesdays – Fridays from 15 till 19 hours. Target group Youngsters coming to the centre are 14-21 years old. Youth centre is located in the background and basement which fits to youth activities and is loved because of its unusual environment. Through the activities of youth centre we try to provide young people a safe space, where they can spend their leisure time with less risk of violence, drug abuse or harassment, having a place to use their energy in a creative and conscious direction. Such like table games, musicians, Flea markets, movie screenings and etc. Youngster sometimes also has concerts or workshops, but sometimes young people just come over to have a tea and chat. Everyday there appear up to 20-30 youngsters. Many of them experience various struggles related to adolescence, some come from social risk environment, thus having troubles with aggressive or destructive behaviour, mistrust of adults, lack of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Volunteers’ center. International programs: young (17-30m.) people from the European Union and partner countries coordination in voluntary service projects (EVS) and Lithuanian youth volunteer preparation to volunteer in other countries. Consultations for hosting and willing to host organizations in EVS projects frame.

Local programs: voluntary work coordination, organization in social institutions and organization of Kaunas city. Leading volunteers during voluntary experience. Local volunteers and Senior volunteers group meetings and individual consultation. Website, for voluntary service offering organizations and volunteering project for young people seeking to volunteer.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

– The main role of the volunteer is to participate in everyday activities at open youth centre together with the youngsters (board games, table football, ping-pong games). Main aspect of the volunteer goal is communication and creating a trust based relationship with youngsters.
– Participation in the staff meetings, where the accomplished activities will be evaluated the further ones planned. In these meetings we share the tasks, reflect personal situations in the project, plan new events or workshops and discuss new opportunities. Also, after every open evening we create a safe space for sharing and reflection of the day, for feelings and ideas. It is very important for whole team to communicate and have the same ideas about harder cases as much as to know how to react on them or in different situations (About 10 % of the time).
– Distribution of the information about the activities of the youth centre. We try to spread information about concerts and workshops in Kaunas. It would be helpful if the volunteer would take part in this process, in form of making flyers, information booklets, handing them out in the street (About 5 % of the time).
– Preparing the space for the activities, whether it’s out or inside (About 5 % of the time). – Implementing his/her own initiatives and ideas. Open youth centre is a perfect place for self initiatives and creativity.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

You can apply to jcvartai@yahoo.com with your CV and short motivation letter until 22nd of December (we like to plan! And we hope you too :)) You may also simply answer question – why do you think open youth center is a place for you? What skills do you think you can offer and what do you wish to learn during this time? Are you available for all the mentioned period? October 2017 – August 2018?