EVS vacancy in Lithuania

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Location: Kaunas, Lithuania

Period: 01/08/2017- 30/06/2017

Deadline: 22 December 2016

11 months EVS with babies under 3 years old, who’s parents have restricted rights to take care of them. There are ~16 babies in one group, age from 0 months to 18 months or 18 months to 3 years old. Some of the have disabilities. Volunteers role is assistance in everyday activities, like dressing up, helping to eat, going outside for a walk, playing games with them, painting, etc. There are many workers in the group, although volunteer helps to occupy children in developmental activities through individual contact. Volunteer is expected to have love for little children, patience and interest to recognize children needs, to see him/herself not only companion, but as nurturer, to endeavor to foster children development. To be tolerant to noise and to be ready to face everyday emotionally and physically active job. working hours starts at 8 o’clock therefore it is also great if you liek to wake up early! 🙂

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

“Lopšelis” was established in 1885, after the reorganisation of Kaunas Babies home, one of five foster-care houses for babies in Lithuania. Institution consists from two departments. One – the babie’s home department, provides primary care, social service and education for healthy and disabled 0-7 years old foster-children. The new – habilitation – department provides outpatient and inpatient habilitation services for pre-school age disable children from all over the Lithuania. Children with different neurodevelopmental disabilities come there with their parents for functional evaluation and habilitation activities.
Target groups we generally work with: healthy and disable children (0-7 years old) living in foster-care house, children with developmental disabilities living in families, parents, staff.
The staff of our organisation: medical staff (doctors, nurses, physio-, speech-, occupational-, music, art therapists, psychologist), social worker, pedagogue, assistants of nurses and social worker.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

EVS volunteers give great possibility to our children to get individual attention, more learning possibilities, warmth, creative activities, etc., though it is also beneficial for the volunteer – 11 months is a good period to specialize into this environment and to get deep understanding of children needs, ways of learning, parental skills, to understand this social problem and its consequences.
Example of the tasks:
• assist in daily care of the children and babies activities (dressing up, feeding children or helping in eating, helping with the toilet);
• assistance for workers in doing different therapies for the children (music, art therapy, swimming pool) (bringing children to the therapies, help for the volunteers in the therapy);
• playing games, doing tasks for their development;
• going outside for a walk with the children;
• organizing celebrations for the children;
• volunteers’ own initiatives.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

Please send your CV and motivation letters to the email: milda.patria@gmail.com until 22nd of December.
If you have any questions about the project, please feel free to address them to us. Thank you and we are looking forward to your applications!

Other details:

Most of the workers do not speak English, therefore it is necessary to be motivated to learn Lithuanian to the level to communicate with babies and staff.

We will be happy to host all kind of volunteers, we will consider all applications received, but it is crucial that the volunteer would love children and babies and would be eager to work with them. Creativity, knowledge and experience in art or music subjects would be an advantage, even though not the requirement.
Also in our institution all volunteers before starting to work are asked to get health certificate, which they may get in their home country.

The volunteer needs a lot of patience and tranquility, she/ he has to like the babies and to be friendly with them, she/he has also to be like a mother or father for them.


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