EVS vacancy in Hungary

EVS Vacancy starting soon Find EVS2Faces of Rural Europe

Location: Kémes, Hungary

Period: 18/12/2016 – 18/10/2017

Deadline: 18 December 2016

Would you like to discover the Hungarian good food?
EVS opportunity in Hungary! We are looking for volunteers from SPAIN, POLAND, ROMANIA, BULGARIA and GREECE who will be able to spend 10 months in a rural area from southern Hungary.
Main activities:
-The volunteers will go in the region to collect old traditional recepies. Later, they will edit a cookbook which will be beased on those recepies. The cookbook will represent one of the cultural heritages of this rural area.
– They will learn analog/digital photography which they will use for cookbook (but not only)
– The volunteers will organise a program (in team) for the youngsters at the local schools.
– They will organise interviews with the local people
– They will organise events (in team) for the local people, e.g. intercultural events, workshops.

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

Sustainable Ormánság Nonprofit ltd (FONK) is organising youth projects since 2010. The aim is to offer more non-formal and informal education to the local people, especially youngsters, who are living in disadvantaged condition. On the other hand, the FONK organisation promotes the eco-tourism in this rural region, as an alternative to develope the local economy.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

School visits: The volunteers will prepare non-formal lessons, or workshops which we will present at the schools in Siklós, Kémes and Vajszló. We used to discuss with the youngsters at the schools about topics like: what is Europe, european citizenship, sustainability, globalisation, and so on.

Home hospitality: If the youngsters are easy to reach by the school visits, now how can we reach the adults, or old people? On the last EVS project, we reached the people on their home, by doing home hospitality visits. The local people were very enthusiastic to host the volunteers and to know them. It was a succesaful activity, that’s why we would like to continue it.

Activities and events for the local people: With the help of the EVS volunteers, we will continue to organise events for the local people, like intercultural evenings, activities for children, different workshops.

Bycicle and canoe tours in Ormánság region: The volunteers will discover the routes of the Ormánság Greenway, by bike or canoe. A greenway is a road network used only for non-motorised vehicles (bicycles, horse and carts, hiking). The Ormánság Greenway contains routes on the existing roads, where is less traffic, or on bike paths. Through these trips on the Greenway, the volunteers will discover the area, the people and culture.

Analog photo workshops: The volunteers will learn how to use the old analog cameras with film, how to develope the film and the prints. At the end, the photos will be exhibited in different places.

The Cookbook project: We would like to collect all the traditional recepies from Ormánság region, and to write a cookbook in order to save them. The process will include visits to different villages to meet people who are able to tell us old traditional recepies, then cook the recepies, take photos from the process, and then, to organise the information in a book.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

Send your application to: ormansagzoldut@gmail.com

Please write to us for more details!