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Location: Kaunas, Lithuania

Period: 01/09/2017 – 01/07/2018

Deadline: 31 December 2016

Palemonas children daycare center is looking for three EVS volunteers to accomplish 10 months EVS with children at Catholic children daycare center. 7-16 years old children come everyday after school to do homework, to have warm lunch, to play games, football, ping-pong, etc. Cheerful, energetic children really love volunteers! Be the one to be friends, to teach, to learn from children and charismatic sister Irute!

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

1996 Marijos Krikščionių Pagalbos Dukterų Institutas “Palemonas Children daycare center” was established by „Caritas Bresciana“ (Italy) program „From the street to school“ and State Child Rights protection service initiative. It is socio-educative preventive institution designed for children at risk and their families. The objective of of Palemonas Children Daycare Center program is the integration of the children into society by influencing all three levels of their personality: physical, psychological and spiritual. As an educational method the sisters are using Preventive Children and Youth Education System created by St. Son Bosco, described by three principles:
1. Reason, which expresses itself as reasonableness and flexibility in rules and requests;
2. Religion, which helps people to find meaning in their life and to develop a sense of the presence of God in person;
3. Loving kindness, where young people know that they are loved and are thus helped to develop their full potential.

There come averagely 30 children to the center (some days up to 35). Main everyday activities at the center:
– help in making homework, supporting children all kinds of learning in everyday life;
– lunch;
– ensuring constructive leisure time: creative occupations, outdoor activities, sport activities;
– maintaining contact with the families of the children.

In the organization big emphasis is given to voluntary work in order to foster trustful relationship, promoting solidarity and cooperation spirit among children. Each year 1-2 local, 2 international volunteers and 2 short-term interns assist in the center. Because of the need of volunteers, we collaborate with Actio Catholica Patria since 2000, each year we host European volunteers, who contribute significantly to Palemonas Daycare Center Project. EVS volunteers are the most important part of the team, who stay long enough to create strong bounds with children, who make children curious about other cultures, who encourage learning new languages and to feel part of broader community. EVS volunteers as well bring new type of activities that children get attracted to.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

Volunteers’ role at “Palemonas Daycare center” is worker’s assistant. Volunteers learn how to work with children of social risk environment, though they will never get the final responsibility for the children and there’ll always be worker to assist in difficult situations. Volunteers help to organize different activities for children, assist in teaching children social skills. Volunteers main task at Palemonas Daycare center: – to organize different workshops for children (according to their skills) – sport, creative, educational activities; – to teach children to use computer programs; – to help children to do their homework; – to teach children English or other foreign language; – to organize festivals, excursions; – to implement their own ideas, collaborate with other organizations and volunteers. Each volunteer would have a bit different role according to the age-group of children and their own propensities – we’ll search for one guy to work with older boys – we have training hall, boxing area, circus materials. Another one to work with smallest children – playing indoors and outdoors, thinking of constructive activities. And the third on to work with older girls on variety of activities – from handcrafts and sports, to taking care of the garden and other things that would be interesting to both the volunteer and the children. IMPORTANT: there is one important circumstance, that in this host organization you would have to adjust your free(vacations) days according to the school holidays which are taking place 1 week in autumn, 2 weeks during Christmas time and 1 week spring holidays. So while other volunteers will be able to plan their vacations flexibly, you would have to use your vacation days during school holidays.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

You can apply by sending your CV and application form to milda.patria@gmail.com. Please, feel free to ask questions about the project. We hope to hear from you soon!

We accept volunteers regardless their background, although it is crucial to love children and be willing to work with children from social risk environment – to be interested, to understand and search for ways to reach their trust and no to judge, to understand that work with children require lots of patience and energy. It is also preferable that the volunteer wouldn’t have any harmful habits or addictions, which would influence nurturing of the kids, since volunteers usually become role models for the children. Volunteer should be patient for children and understand that they can require a lot of patience. Experience is merit, but not obligatory for application and participation in the project. Please note that daycare center teaching is based on Catholic values and structure of the day includes prayer,etc. therefore we expect that volunteer coming to the center would not mind this aspect. We do not expect you to join all the rituals, if you are non believer, but we expect you to respect our beliefs. This year, due to increased number of children, we’d be happy to host 3 volunteers with slightly different profiles – one to work with smaller children (7-11 years old), who is more eager to play with children and to support less independent children, another who would be more busy with older ones, like teenager girls (music or visual arts profile, or someone who is interested in handcrafts, etc.) and one who would be more keen on outdoor activities with older ones and sports with teenage boys.