EVS vacancy in Estonia

Tallinna Kullerkupu Kindergarten Estonia EVS vacancy Find EVS 1

Location: Tallinn, Estonia

Period: 05/09/2017 – 04/06/2018

Deadline: 19 December 2016

Most importantly the volunteer should be fond of children and have optimistic and cheerful nature. All sorts of artistic skills are welcome as they can be used kindergarten’s educational activities.

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

Our kindergarten has been established in the year 1963. At present, our kindergarten are four groups, each group of 24 children. We have to age groups, 3-4 years old , 4-5 years old , 5-6 year old and 6-7 year old groups.

Our priority is learning outdoors . We have a nice outdoor area . We have joined the project ” Temptation for free kindergarten .” In addition to the daily learning activities taking place in kindergarten, we also have music and sports. The main purpose of our organisation is highquality basic education for children. Our mission is to welcome every child in our friendly family and to provide pleasant conditions for a child to contribute the development of their personality. It is important for us to know that every child would feel welcome, safe and
positive among us throughout the day and would be happy taking part in everyday learning activities. In order to succeed in our mission we hold important to communicate and cooperate with the child’s family. We also cooperate with other organisations, such as different theatre groups, our district government, etc.

There are 17 people working in our kindergarten and 12 of us have the BS degree of education. They teach and take care of children aged 3-7. All of our teachers have pedagogical education. In addition to the long experience of working in kindergarten. For us it is important to cooperation with the family , thus leading teachers annually through the development of conversations with parents to provide feedback on the child’s development. The teachers are open-minded and want to extend their knowledge by getting to know people of different cultures and nations. Also, for our organisation the culture and customs of our own nation is of great importance.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

The typical tasks for the volunteer would be helping teachers in everyday indoor and outdoor activities and participating in learning activities. The volunteer will join in our visits to museums, art exhibitions, sports events, outings. He/she will introduce his/her country, nation and cultural traditions to our children, parents and personnel (e.g. easy games and dances for children, national food). The volunteer will participate in our traditional kindergarten events and folk calendar celebrations. For the volunteer it should be a good opportunity to learn and
practice the Estonian language and culture.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

Please send your application to: evs@estyes.ee



Tallinn Kullerkupu Kindergarten is located in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia on the coast of Baltic Sea. Tallinn has population of 430 00 inhabitants. Native language is Estonian, but also English, Russian and Finnish are widely understood.

Tallinn was founded about 1000 years ago. Now it is a very beautiful modern city with ancient buildings & fantastic sightseengs. City is very popular touristic place.

Kullerkupu Kindergarten is in Kristiine District, not far from the city centre. There are 4 groups of children, aged 3-7 in our kindergarten. All in all there are 96 kids and they all live nearby. This district is valued for nearby parks and quiet environment by our parents. Also, the seaside and the Old Town are in walking distance. Our kindergarten has also good transport connection with the city centre.

Selection of volunteers will be done by our kindergarden in cooperation with our coordinating organisation MTÜ Noortevahetuse Arengu Ühing EstYES.

Working experience is not required but we will be pleased to get applications for participation from anyone who are:
– ready to work with children and have enough patience;
– friendly and open-minded;
– willing to be involved in youth work and youth activities;
– aged between 18 and 30 years;
– speaking English on a basic communication level;
– optimistic and cheerful.

Most importantly the volunteer should be fond of children and have optimistic and cheerful nature. All sorts of artistic skills are welcome as they can be used kindergarten’s educational activities.