EVS vacancy in France

EVS in a French high-school !France EVS active vacancy Find EVS 2

Location: Brest, FRANCE

Period: 01/09/2017 – 30/06/2018

Deadline: 4 January 2017

A french high-school situated in Brittany, in Brest, is looking for one volunteer with basic skills in French for a 10 months EVS.

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

Vauban High-school welcome more than 1600 students in which 200 at the boarding school.
The school offers its students different pathways, either general and technology either vocationnal.
The high-chool is situated on 2 differents sites, one called Vauban another one called Lanroze.
Here is the website http://www.lycee-vauban-brest.ac-rennes.fr/
Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

The EVS volunteer will be assigned in two different services (The information and documentation center – IDC – and the School life office) in order to improve the pupil services and supervising. Their work plan will be distributed between both sites Vauban and Lanroze:
1. The IDC is a key service in the high school as it represents the crossroad between classroom teaching and self-learning. It aims at contributing to the cultural education of pupils, promoting citizenships, helping them in the search and analysis of information by their own to develop their critical judgment. Such an experience will help the pupils to enhance their skills, know-how and know-how-to-be for a better autonomy.
In close relation with Mrs. GUILLOU and Mrs. KADDOUR, both librarians, the EVS volunteer will:
Welcome the pupils and provide responses to their different requirements
Help in the electronic sorting, archiving and lending of books
Organize the display and check the availability of school and cultural documents to the pupils
Participate in cultural events

2. The principal educational advisers are in charge of the school life, and manage the supervisor work plans. The school life is a service which makes the link between the pupil parents or person in charge, and all workers in the high school who interact daily with them (teachers, nurse, librarians, directors, etc.). This service takes care of the pupils when they are not in the classroom, but it also ensures their follow-up, the development of the entertaining places to use during free times, and the planning of the boarding houses. Thus, it aims at providing the best life conditions for the pupils to help them to reach their academic achievements. Accordingly, the EVS volunteer will participate in:
The pupil reception
Cultural and sport activities (display implementations, foot and music clubs, etc.)
Workshops to raise awareness regarding the culture and behavior of young people
The development of specific spaces devoted to the culture and languages of SVE present in the school
The animation of the pupil home
The development of new projects for the pupil home like movies projection, internal parties in the school, etc.)
All these activities will enable the EVS volunteer to develop or reinforce their:
1. Ability to work in a team: Volunteers will work with the Principal Educational Advisers and the librarians but also with the other members of staff of the educational service, as well as with pupils; depending on the activities they will be involved in.
2. Organizational capacity: elaboration of proposals and activities for pupils
3. Ability to take initiative, and show creativeness and thinking capability: Volunteers will have the opportunity to propose, develop and implement new activities related to the educational policies of the school.
4. Knowledge of the French educational system through the large diversity of projects undertaken and the people involved in them.
5. Discovery of France, a new country with its own culture and way of life. They will improve the French as well, and might learn Breton.
6. Ability to life abroad
7. Meaning of communication and the use of computer tools to do their work.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

If you want to apply, you have to send an application letter and a CV to : Agnès Pissav, who is coordinating that project for the high-school :
Deadline application : Wednesday, 4th, January, 2017
Then the high-school will organise skype interviews with those who are pre-selected and it will be from January, 9th, up to January, 13th, inclusive.
The final answer will be send ont January, 16th.n




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  1. Hello dear project coordinators, could you tell me if this vacancy is eligible for Georgian volunteers, too?

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