EVS vacancy in Lithuania – animal shelter

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Location: Kaunas, Lithuania

Period: 01/08/2017 – 01/07/2018

Deadline: 31 December 2016

Animal shelter is looking for 1 long term volunteer to help in animal shelter. The “Lese” team in Kaunas is made up of 10-15 active members. They provide a sincere care for abandoned animals at the shelter. Also, members do give a temporary home for every animal in need. In the project knowing Russian language would be very helpful!

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

Founded in 2007, “Lesė” is an animal charity in Lithuania providing animal shelter and funding pet neutering programs for homeless cats and dogs. The organisation is funded by donations and is run by unpaid volunteers only. Back in 2007, the organisation was one of the first “no-kill” animal shelters in Lithuania, when animal care in Lithuania was almost non-existent and State-funded shelters were euthanizing up to 90% of animals without any hope for adoption. The organisation was founded by volunteers animal lovers, who started to shelter homeless animals at their homes and advertise them for adoption. In 2008, “Lesė” opened a proper animal shelter and since then has adopted over 4 500 animals.

The organisations is also well-known for its neutering programs, because it was the pioneer and leader of “Trap-Neuter-Release” program for stray cats as well as funding subsidies for pet neutering for low-income groups. Since the establishment, the organisation has funded neutering for over 2,500 animals, which probably saved lives for another 25 000 unwelcome cubs per year.
What We Do:
• Rescue, sheltering and rehoming of animals.
• Organising and funding of animal neutering programs including Trap-Neuter-Release for stray cats.
• Society education through charity events and lectures for children and youth.
• Providing information about homeless animals in all animal shelters in Lithuania through our portal Animalcare.lt.
Our goals are:
• Reducing the number of unwanted pet animals in a humane way;
• Finding new homes for homeless animals;
• Promoting the society awareness and stopping cruelty against animals;
• Establishing an animal shelter meeting EU standards and creating an effective animal rescue system.

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

The volunteering activities:
All activities for every volunteer are focused on nonformal learning, intercultural learning, personal and professional development.
The foundation of our organization is our volunteers who keep contributing their ideas, efforts and resources to Lesė.
1. Various tasks in the shelter:
– walking dogs;
– cleaning cages and rooms;
– feeding animals;
– providing treatment procedures;
– trainings for dogs;
– brushing animals;
– play with animals.

2. We also offer activities with administrative work:
– posters, design of leaflets;
– photographing pets;
– making videos;
– increasing social awareness;
– searching for potential sponsorship.
3. Participation in events:
– meetings in shools and universities;
– fairs
– national Dogs show
– other
4. Trap-Neuter-Release:
– is catching and transporting stray cats for the program Trap-Neuter-Release

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

Please send your CV and motivation letter to milda.patria@gmail.com until 31st of December!


Volunteers interested in the project should take into account some of its specific conditions.

Volunteering in an animal charity organisation may seem romantic, but it is indeed a hard work most of the time. In order to keep the animal clean and provided with his needs one has to complete a number of daily duties and that can sometimes be dirty, smelly or unpleasant looking. Still that is a reality of an animal charity volunteer, so person interested in the position should consider his/hers amount of sensitivity to smell, daily uncleanness and willingness to do some hard work.

We do not require high communication and social skills in working with animals. Anyhow, the volunteer will be accommodated in a four or three rooms apartment together with the other EVS volunteers and a daily encounter will be inevitable. We will also ask for support in teamwork and transparency with the mentor. Naturally, love for animals is a basic requirement.

Health and alergies
Working in this kind of a charity organisation is highly dangerous for people alergic to certain groups of animals (like cats or rodents) as the volunteer will have to spend every day in a strong concentration of these animals.