EVS vacancy in Lithuania

lithuania-evs-vacancy-find-evs-1Long-term EVS for EU citizens in Lithuania

Location: Kaunas, Lithuania

Period: 02/10/2017 – 30/06/2017

Deadline: 22 December 2016

Art therapy studio for children with disabilities and parents “We are different”: http://www.meskitokie.eu/
Looking for volunteer, who loves all kinds of children and loves all kinds of visual arts! It would be an asset if volunteer can understand russian.

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

NGO „Mes kitokie“ is an art therapy and daycare center. We believe that a child is full of energy, creativity, ideas and imagination, endless possibilities. We allow a child to be him/herself, we accept children the way they are. Our input is to create conditions for a child to discover beautiful world by him/herself, where s/he can grow and feel happy.
Our vision is to provide services of artistic expression, speech therapy, ergo-therapy and psychological support for children and adults, for their spiritual and physical development.
Aims of activities: to meet public interests by implementing educational, and scientific, cultural, health care, social support, entertainment and free-time organizational and other activities for public benefits.
These aims are attained through regular therapy activities: art therapy, fine arts expression, speech therapy, ergo-therapy, psychological, games and occupational activities, physical rehabilitation services for children and adults; application of special programmes. During the summer time we organize camps for children with disabilities, this way helping parents to solve baby-sitting problems. We also improve children socialization with peers, cognitive and therapy continuation.
We work with people of autistic spectrum, down syndrome, mental and physical disabilities, etc. We seek to improve financial access for families, therefore we invoke internship students, local volunteers to help us in everyday work.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

We propose activities which are diverse and wide-ranging: • Work of art therapy studio. Familiarity with various disabilities and healthy child care opportunities. Learning to choose appropriate expressions of art and sensory stimulation. Attentions therapist during the session. Getting to know and learning the art tools and precise in their use. • Assistant to work through games and occupational therapy. Volunteers will learn how to bring together children and through a variety of means to help organize sessions the therapist will learn to choose the right tools. Will help to prepare for classes physician tasks. During engagement therapy communicate with parents and children. Will acquire psychological knowledge in dealing with different situations • Parental art therapy classes. Help conduct the session, will get acquainted with the Multi-Arts Poly- technic, like decoupage, collage, painting, florists and others. Help prepare and organize study. • Relaxation exercises will help the therapist and myself to learn these techniques. • Children camps. Organizational and other work, preparation camp, childcare and so on. activities. • The organization encourages each employee as well as volunteers to contribute his ideas. Each culture has its own traditions. It will be encouraged to bring their own traditions to exercise activities. Learned and familiar with all the tools and techniques will be encouraged to conduct classes. Communicate with parents.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

If you are EU citizen, please send your CV and short motivation to milda.patria@gmail.com until 22nd of December.