EVS vacancy in Romania

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Location: Targu Secuiesc, Romania

Period: 04/04/2017 – 04/04/2018

Deadline: 31 December 2016

This is a call for volunteers for an already approved project in Targu Secuiesc, Transylvania, Romania. We are currently looking for 1 motivated volunteer from Turkey who like cycling to take part in this sport and green project. Have in mind that the activities of the project can be adapted also according to your proposals if they fit whit the project objectives and they are feasible to do in this region.

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

The Green Sun Association is an environmental, professional-scientific organization which was established in the summer of 2009. The members of the association are ecologists, economists, fine artists, but one can find in the group teachers, engineers and sociologists as well. We formed alliance in the consciousness of our dissimilarity, fighting for a politically and religiously independent cause, a fight that we have to win together. Since the beginning there are more then 750 events organized by the Green Sun Association. It is not subordinated to any other legal entity and is functioning under democratic principles. We are an open and sensitive group with 17 principal members and 30 volunteers.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

Will support the activities of the association, specific activities, workshops, courses, outdoor activities and activities that they propose.

– They also conduct activities in afterschools with kids, crafts, sports, workshops, etc
– develop new programmes together wit the local volunteers in the theme of sport
– create alternative getaways for the local people
– Different articles and materiales for the web page and Facebook, create videos, dissemination activities, materials, articles, pictures, etc. .
– Leading informing activities with the help of the specialist in various programs
– Developing new green game ideas
– Realization different videos to promote Green Sun and EVS
Seasonal activities: like Summer camps for kids in town and local area, helping in the promotion of Nemere Trail – the biggest greenway for bicycles in Covasna County

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy