EVS vacancy in Romania for Polish volunteers

EVS in Romania for Polish participantsApproved EVS project starting soon 2

Location: Arad, Romania

Period: 15/01/2017 – 15/06/2017

Deadline: 15 January 2017

RAINBOW is an EVS project that tries to accelerate the transition of 8 young people from NEET to employability/active life by getting them involved in activities with children in the risk of early school leaving.

The context of the project bring in front 2 main issues: a high percentage of NEETs in the countries of the organizations involved in this project and a high percentage of children facing the risk of early school leaving in Romania. We are trying to tackle these 2 main issues. The main OBJECTIVES of RAINBOW are the following: – To offer 8 EVS volunteers in the situation of NEET from Spain, Italy, Greece & Poland a learning context to in which they can gain competences required by the labor market and the economy so that they can benefit from an accelerated transition to an active life by involving them in an EVS project; To develop the competences of 250 children from Arad Social Center “Rainbow” that are able to reduce the risks of early school leaving and of becoming excluded and marginalized by involving them for a period of 6 months in activities such as outdoor/sports & teambuilding activities, intergenerational and social initiatives, cultural, intercultural& linguistic activities; – To improve the visibility of the activities offered by Arad Social Center “Rainbow” by promoting their activity and by developing their social media channels.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

The EVS volunteers will be involved in the following sets of tasks:
RAINBOW ON THE MOVE: – sports, outdoor and teambuilding activities; – sessions for strengthening the team spirit using methods/games used by the “scouts”: the spiders;
RAINBOW FOR ALL: – intergenerational activities with the children from the center and their families;
RAINBOW COMPANION: – accompanying the children to artistic/cultural events addressed to children; – artistic workshops;
CULTURAL RAINBOW: – culture and language workshops;
GET TO KNOW THE RAINBOW: – developing the website of Arad Social Center “Rainbow” to highlight its activities and contribution; developing the Facebook page of the center, presenting the stories of children following the model “Humans of New-York”, creating video testimonials, interviews and videos of the activities that take place in the center, etc. All the methods used are non-formal, creative& inclusive. The learning outcomes of the EVS volunteers will represent the most important results of our project. We believe that these learning outcomes will accelerate their transition from NEET to employability or other form of structured educational opportunities. Also, they will have a positive impact on their personal and social lives. In addition, our project will also have some tangible results that are going to be disseminated and exploited. This project will not only have a positive impact on the EVS volunteers, but it will also positively influence the members of the target group, namely the children from Arad Social Center “Rainbow” and the participating organizations and local partners on short, medium and long term, at different levels (local-> international).

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

CV and Motivation Letter send to joanna.kuczaik@semperavanti.org