EVS vacancy in Romania for Polish volunteers

“ODEON” Project in Romania for Polish people!EVS in Romania

Location: Arad, Romania

Period: 15/01/2017 – 15/10/2017

Deadline: 15 January 2017

1) During the 300 day mobility in Arad, for 10 young people from France, Italy, Poland, Greece, Slovakia, with limited interpersonal/social/intercultural experiences: bringing to the surface those life skills useful to integrating in various social situations and to adopting a more dynamic life style.
2) Over the course of 10 months, for the benefit of at least 400 teenagers in Arad: developing an integrated program for sexual education, health education and promoting good manners.

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

The volunteers’ tasks with regards to the Work Packages, relate to the following components:
– PLANNING & PREPARATION, for ex: deciding the format & the work methods and elaborating the detailed design of the action; involvement in elaborating the support- materials (preparing case study videos, various hand-outs, multimedia presentations); reserving & renting venues; promoting online&offline activities, recruiting participants; inviting resource-people, safely & protection measures; other preparatory admin- practical measures
– IMPLEMENTATION, for ex: technical support offered to the youth worker in facilitating the action; measures to (co-)facilitate the action and the chosen methods; close cooperation with the invited resource-people; collecting evidence (photo/video, attendance forms, etc) for evaluation/reporting; admin-practical measures
– BI-MONTHLY INTERNAL REPORT The main results of the project are those achieved by the EVS volunteers and by the members of the target groups in Arad.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

Over the course of 5 days/week, the volunteers will develop 4 types of activities, working in mixed teams:
“ODEON” CAMPAIGN: non-formal sexual & health education activities, in formats such as: “world café”; ”reflection groups and facilitated discussions”; ”workshops”; ”living library”; ”treasure-hunt”; ”quiz”; ”kino-club”; etc. Taking into account the format of each activity:
a) The following themes will be approached/discussed/explored: “gender identity”; “contraception”; “sexually transmitted infections”; “homophobia”; “sexual violence & exploitation”; “menstruation”; “masturbation”; “family planning”; “sexual ethics”; “pregnancy & fetal development”; “abortion”; etc
b) Some of the activities will mark international days, such as: “International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation” si “World Valentine Day” (February); ”International Day of Happiness”(March); ”World Health Day”(April); ”International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia”(May);”International Right to Know Day” (September); ”International Day of Non-Violence”(October);”Transgender Day of Remembrance” si ”International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women” (November); ”World AIDS Day” si “Human Rights Day”(December)
c) The following will be invited as resource-people: youth workers, trainers, psychologists, doctors, underage mothers, people with HIV-AIDS, local informal leaders, etc.

”ODEON” DEBATE CLUBS: support in developing various clubs, in formats such as: -”Karl Popper” -“Parliamentary” -“World Schools” Examples of topics for debates: “marriage between same sex people should be legalized”; “gay pride parades are justified”; “abortion should be banned”; “sexual education should be a mandatory class in school”; “legalizing sex work is justified”; “churched should change their official stance on contraceptives”; etc.

”ODEON” WORKSHOPS: support in developing good manners interactive workshops related to the project’s topics: “asking people to go out”; “wardrobe”; “courting and flirting”; “civil union, engagement, marriage”; “teenagers and their parents”; “the art of giving & receiving”; “behaviors of couples in various public spaces”; “confidence vs rudeness”; etc.

”ODEON” PLUS: support in developing interactive foreign language sessions (the native languages of the EVS volunteers).

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

CV and Motivation Letter send to joanna.kuczaik@semperavanti.org