EVS vacancy in Bulgaria

“Let`s build the future together”Bulgaria EVS

Location: Tryavna, Bulgaria

Period: 01/02/2017 – 01/09/2017

Deadline: 17 January 2017

Are you tired of being a worker and someone else to tell you what to do all the time? Do you want to put your ideas into practice? If do so “Let`s build the future together” is your project!

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

“The Change is in You” Association has been established to support the youngsters who are willing to broaden their horizons and make an actual change in their own societies by using and implementing what they have learnt from all around the world.
Our main goal is to create the bridge between formal, informal and non-formal education as well as the bridge between governmental institutions, business and society.
Our idea is via using non-formal methods and approaches to promote volunteering services and informal education as a tool for motivating youngsters to study harder and be more open-minded towards different cultures, religions, genders, nationalities, etc.
Since the registration of the association (06.10.2014), we have been officially partners in a
number of international training courses, youth exchanges, PBAs and seminars. Since then, our hard and consistent work on the field of the formal and non-formal education led us to a new success of our work – to be part of a group from the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture and Education, developing a strategy for supporting the personal development of young people in the frame of the formal educational system. Also, we have a main role in the development of the youth strategy in our municipality as well as leading position in the Youth affairs commission in Tryavna.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

The main activities of the project can be divided into two groups – working on the Youth
House and Eco playground and participation in the activities of the association. Both of the groups are equality important, but depending on the weather conditions, priority from time to time will be given to the first group of activities.
First group of activities planned, due to the late joining in the project, the volunteers will
take part in the following activities:
– Maintaining the Eco playground.
– Creating additional installation where kids can play.
– Creating green classroom in the school yard of “Vasil Levski” elementary school.
– Creating a fundraising/crowd funding campaign for the materials needed for the Youth House
– Working on the renewing of the Youth House.
– Organize meetings and trainings with youth from the city on various topics. Representatives from different countries will also have the chance to present their country, culture, history and traditions.
– Preparation of plans of trainings and lessons to be conducted with young people from the city.
– Dissemination of information among schools in Bulgaria about the center and what it offers.
– Welcome and assist nomads and groups of students that have come to visit and use the Youth House.
Second group of activities planned:
1. Information meetings: will be organized in schools, participation in them will be open to all students from first to twelfth grade.
2. Detour eco and cycling paths: detour routes with volunteers from the association and members of “Velo Club” Association – Tryavna. These patrols will also include young people from schools for educational purposes. The tours would be open, so any volunteer, tourist or guest of the town would be able to join. The volunteers will undergo first aid training by the Red Cross in order to ensure the safety of all.
3. Workshops organized jointly with Tryavna Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Integration: participants will be aged 6 -16, the activities will be carried out in a multi-sensory room in the center.
4. Workshop, organized jointly with “Kalina” Kindergarten and “Svetlina” Kindergarten – the participants will be children aged 4-7. Activities will be carried out in the appropriate places in the kindergarten or outdoor.
5. Joined activities with SOS Kindergarden – Tryavna.
6. Extracurricular activities organized by the association for school children – age of the
participants will be 7-18. Depending on the activities, the places will be different. In case we are out of school, the group will include teachers and/or parents to help with the younger students.
Some of the planned activities are:
– Sports day for families. Its purpose is to show parents how important and funny it is to spend more time with their children and get closer to their life.
PIC: 936 155 246
Phone: +359 898 55 2342
Website: CYA.Tryavna.eu
Email: CYA.Tryavna@gmail.com
Промянта е в Теб/The Change is in You
– “Treasure hunt” in the city to get to know the history and secrets of the city. The initiative is
linked to institutions such as museums, galleries, Municipality.
– Green School.
– Hiking tours with youngsters.
– Summer camp with outdoor activities and workshops art related with kids age 10-14.
– Summer camp with different outdoor activities mainly focused on representing how does
participation in International Youth Exchange project looks alike.
– “Language games” – outdoor activity.
– Cleaning and maintaining the eco-paths from Tryavna to Bozentsi.
The volunteers will have the full freedom to conduct any kind of activities they would like to lead – workshops, trips, lessons, games, etc.


Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

In order to apply, send a motivation letter and a short CV to: stanimir.chukov@gmail.com