EVS vacancy in Spain

Spain EVS vacancy at find EVSDejovenes hacia Europa

Location: Leganés (Spain)

Period: 01/10/2017 – 30/06/2018

Deadline: 27 January 2017

EVs in Spain for next deadline

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

The Youth Delegation (Dejóvenes Centre) has been working for over 25 years with youth in our town. We started with a small information office and Summer Camps. We now have a more professional area, with many actions, including specialized information and all kinds of activities. We plan our activities according to a deep study of the needs and demands of youth through a permanent observatory. We plan our activities grouping them under objectives. We currently put the stress on the quality of our services.
In 2005, we adopted the model EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) and we can now evaluate our services more objectively. We work in the frame of “affirmative policies”; that is, we work on those aspects which characterize youth as such. We work on 2 areas: information and counseling and social and cultural entertainment. The first one provides information related with youth, sexuality and sex, legal matters, psychology, volunteering, employment. On the other hand, social and cultural entertainment office promotes associations, value education, support to initiatives, leisure activities inside and outside Leganés such as skiing trips, camps, multi-adventure and “Denoche” (“At night”). A very big place is offered to youth creations: music (pop, hip-hop, rock), graffiti, comics.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

DEJOVENES project LEGANÉS CENTER: Dejóvenes’s aim is to strengthen the service of Mobility Office, to offer some alternatives to work all over Europe and to improve the Leganes Language Club, through a European exchange. The opportunity of hosting a volunteer represents a useful way to help and encourage the diffusion of all the projects of the Erasmus+ and also to spread moral values.
The volunteer will do specific activities but also sporadic ones, trying to include personal ideas and ideas contributions to the project.
Concretely, the volunteer will work for the Mobility Office and the Department of Employment in Europe; he/she will also organize conversation’s workshops of foreign languages in the Dejóvenes center.
This year we want to include another activity for the EVS volunteers. In the Dejóvenes Centre in the neighborhood called La Fortuna, located in the suburbs of Leganes, the volunteer will be included in a great intercultural mixture, with the aim of knowing it and organize activities with the youngest. The unemployment rate is quite high; many users are also at risk of social exclusion. For this reasons we believe that the presence of a European volunteer can represent an important change for young people.
We have a great demand for language learning and we believe that the figure of a volunteer can be very enriching. He/she can also show other realities and opportunities for young people and encourage and motivate them to participate in European projects, managed by Dejóvenes. It can also be a great tool to provide skills to young people when seeking employment. We want to get involved in volunteer activities of the center and meet young and then start with language workshops, job search, in addition to working in the workshops of leisure time and sports, circus, art … that developed in the center. This task is not easy, so count on the help of the center’s workers. Once a week the volunteer will participate in the Fortuna’s activities and four days a week he/she will work for job and mobility office.
With these activities we want to fulfill with the priority of youth and Erasmus + to develop the language skills of the youth of the town, promote social inclusion, which is addressed to youth unemployment and promote European awareness and cultural exchange between local youth and waking interest in travel, move and learn other languages.
Another activity for the volunteers will be the contribution in projects of the local associations, to know the community life of the municipality and provide helping children with their homework. This activity will be held at the Neighborhood Association of San Nicasio.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

dvelez@leganes.org; internacional.dj@leganes.org




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