Short-term EVS in Turkey

Find Your TalentTurkey call for EVS project vacancy 2

Location: Sivas, Turkey

Period: 01/02/2017 – 31/03/2017

Deadline: 16 January 2017

Project aim is to promote personel and vocational development of young people taking part Europen youth voluntary works, to get experience and knowledge about social, cultural and sports activities for disadvantaged young people, to iprove participants knowledge about volunteer works. To give a chance them to learm more about different cultures, to construct cultural bridges between both countries, to set up strong partnerships and collaborations among the partner organizations.

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

Our non-governmental organization, which unites people of different age, social class, nation and interest but with same goal: make the world of 21st century a bit more better and friendlier to its inhabitants. The main activities are: education, democracy, ecology, sports and culture. Youngsters believe that these aspects are not only closely connected with the majority of youth problems, but also provide a wide space for growth, innovational thinking and creativity, which can be accumulated firstly by youngsters. Members evaluate not only organizing projects and events, but also participating in local youth, student and school councils, because democracy begins not with election but from participation and responsibility. Youngsters create a better world not just in the name of faceless “everybody”, but in the name of their friends and beloved, in the name of the future generation, in the name of their children

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

Volunteers will have some main and permanent tasks that will be integrated with minor ones. The main tasks will be:
– Supporting our social, cultural and sports activities organized for disadvanteged young people.
– Supporting youth mobility projects organizing by our organization.
Moreover, since our association established a strong partnership with municipality and university, volunteers will have the opportunity to contribute in the realization of some of our activities in these places.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

The selection process will start with the first contact between the candidate and hosting association, and it will continue with a Skype interview with the EVS coordinator and human resources manager. Elements of the evaluation: – CV and Motivation – 20/100 – Knowledge about the project and our organisation – 20/100 – Correspondence between the profile of the candidate and the required one – 20/100 – Previous experience in volunteering – 10/100 – Previous experience in abroad – 10/100 (this point will be assessed by giving a higher vote to those with a lesser experience) – Communication skills – 10/100 – Emotional style of behavior – 10/100 Language skills will be a plus but a basic knowledge of English is sufficient in order to give also disadvantaged young people the opportunity to apply. Moreover, we will be able to structure both individual and group interviews. All the above-mentioned parameters will be transparent.


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