EVS vacancy in Italy for Romanian volunteer

Italy EVS vacancy Find EVS 2Strana EVS Idea

Location: Torino, Italy

Period: 04/02/2017 – 04/09/2017

Deadline: 2 February 2017

Long-term EVS oportunity for Romanian volunteer in Torino, Italy

About the Hosting Organization Find EVS Vacancy

Stranaidea is a social cooperative type A (personal services, social, health and educational services) aimed at promoting the welfare of people and the prevention of risk situations. The objectives of the various services are pursued through the methodology of community development. The main areas of intervention are: DISABILITY: various educational support and integration services for people with disabilities; management of day care and educational centres for people with mental and/or physical disabilities; service of observation aimed at children and young people with disability and their families; cooperation with schools and social services for the support of children with disabilities and their families.SOCIAL and COMMUNITY THEATRE: interventions aimed at children, adolescents, young people, families and people with disabilities such as theatre workshops, community theatre, creating events.EUROPEAN PROJECTS: Youth in Action and ERASMUS + programme: design and implementation of exchanges, seminars, trainings, EVS projects and Grundtvig programme actions (partnerships and workshops).YOUTH POLICIES: specific and targeted actions on young people promoted through the participation in local projects in network with different actors); management of the local public counselling center for young people.CHILDREN: territorial educational projects for children reported by social services or coming from criminal / drug prevention support; first childhood and families support services like kindergartens /nurseries and playrooms; service of specialist homework support for students in primary and secondary schools, training courses for teachers, social and youth workers who deal with study and homework support; Service of integrated expertcouncelling aimed at parents, teachers, social workers and professionals of helping relationships; Training and supervision for professional babysitters, concerned to qualify their work. The service offers insights into the educational, organizational, security and emergency aspects of their work.ADULT EDUCATION: management of two hosting night houses (shelters) for homeless, workshops and training activities to develop their skills, health prevention projects, training and support for social workers; management coordination of a hosting night house for homeless that is also a multifunctional centre with various activities and workshops open to all the citizens of the neighbourhood, a fair trade shop & bar with fair, solidal, sustainable or biological products; management of the Itinerant Night Service, a bus with social workers who operate in favour of homeless adults who do not turn to shelters; service of Territorial Adults Education that support, on the recommendation of the local social services, adults in difficulty at risk of social exclusion, aged between 18 and 65 years, residents in the district IV and V of Torino; services for immigrants like the Housing project, a path for citizens of third countries legally residing in Italy, between 19 and 65 years of age, that aims to promote access to housing of the foreign component of the population.ACTIVE LABOUR POLICIES: Service of personal projects for people with disadvantages: interventions with skills assessment, orientation, reinforcement of skills, also through individual training; tutoring in internship or apprenticeship.ROMA COMMUNITY INTEGRATION PROJECT: accompaniment of roma families in social education and training pathways, house and work research with the cooperation of other local NGOs and associations working in the roma camps of Torino within the support of the Municipality.HEALTH: Psychological support, with particular attention paid to the caregiver, for family members of patients with acquired brain injury, in post hospital stay; interventions for prevention of addictions and behaviors related to them.Actual number of employed: 120 persons in total.

Volunteer's Tasks FindEVS Vacancy

The volunteers will work within a team of educators in the different areas named on different activities and projects with different users like disable people, children, young people, homeless. Activities to be carried out:
– children and adult disable people (we manage daily centers doing artistic, sport, musical, socialisation activities, handmaking products to be sold, support at study, individual interventions with children and families, etc);
– children from 0-3 and 4-6 years old (kindergartens, playrooms socialization activities, creativity workshops, manual and physical activities, care of babies)
– social and community theatre projects with local community (young people, adult, groups, disable people, adult with difficulties, etc.) and disable people inside and outside Stranaidea;
– daily activities with a small group of homeless people (gardening, cooking, painting, cleaning) and with disable people.

Application Process Find EVS Vacancy

Please send your CV and Motivation Letter (in English) to voluntariatpentruviata@gmail.com. After that we’ll send you the Application form.

Other details:

Volunteers will live in a flat in Torino with kitchen fully furnished, living room, bathroom and bedrooms to be shared with other volunteers (2 for each bedroom); money is given for food (€ 150 per month (breakfast/dinner and week-end dinners; lunch is usually given in the services where it is offered to the users), for local transports to move in Torino; a pocket money is given for personal expenses (€ 115) and a travel budget (€ 275) to transfer from your country to Torino to arrive and to go back at the end of the project.
On-line Italian language course is provided for the volunteers.
We are looking for young people interested to have an experience in a non–profit organisation that works in a Social and Artistic Field (infancy, disability, theatre workshops with disable people and local community, adult with difficulties).
Applicants need to be really motivated, adaptable and flexible.

One thought on “EVS vacancy in Italy for Romanian volunteer

  1. Dear sir.
    I am M. Vitharsan, I’m 25 now. Due to the prevailed war situation, I have lost my opportunity to continue my education, now, finding difficult to maintain my family life and my education. But I am doing part time work to manage my study. However, with many challenges and hardships have completed my Accounting Technologists National Certificate education at Vavuniya Technical College which was conduct by the Sri Lankan Government approval College. Also, having opportunity to study Higher Accounts Diploma education at the Technical College, but I could not follow it due to financial situation.
    I studied while serving in an organization called VAROD; Vanni Rehabilitation Organization for the Differently Abled. I worked as a Personal Accompanier for the Special Needs Children of this Organization. I worked three years and Participated seminars and workshops arranged by this organization. So, I have enough and more experience with regards to the Persons with Disabilities.
    So I would like to join with an organization related to my field and then I will serve there, while serving I may study English and the mother tongue of the country and later I may work as an Account.
    Therefore, I would be grateful to you, if you provide any working VISA for my arrival to your country. Please consider my humble request and send me a favorable reply.
    Thank you.

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